Monday, February 23, 2015

Lousy Smarch Weather

Yeah, (the) Facebook pages are fun.  But it seems to me that if you're going to call yourself a public figure, it helps IF THE PUBLIC HAS ACTUALLY HEARD OF YOU.
Anyway, on to the box office.  Well, my friends who don't like Will Smith... they seem to be growing in number lately... are not going to be happy that his latest movie, called Focus, is #1 at the box office.  But they might take some comfort in knowing that it only made a tepid $20 million!  But that comfort's quickly lost when I point out that, hey, it's not like it's Men in Black 4 or something.  It's kinda like with Johnny Depp and The Rum DiaryHe went into that one knowing it wasn't going to post Pirates of the Caribbean-type numbers.  As for Transcendence and Mortdecai, well... they were hoping the numbers would be a little higher.
Meanwhile, in second place... at #5... every once in a generation, a title comes along like The Judas Project or... something else.  Let's say The Linguini Incident.  This time, it's something called The Lazarus Effect.  It must be what Olivia Wilde was flogging on The Daily Show with Stew Beef recently.  I didn't get a chance to see it.  Well, after reading the plot, I can't help but think of what David Spade might say about it.  It says "A group of med(ical) students discover a way to bring dead patients back to life."  And Spade just might say "I liked it the first time... when it was called Frankenstein."  I know, he'd probably go with Flatliners or a more current reference, like Pushing Daisies.  Alas, that's the price people like Olivia Wilde, the world's oldest 30 year old, have to pay sometimes.  Like Jennifer Lawrence in House at the End of the Street, you get to be the bonafide star of the pic, but it doesn't open at #1.  No, you just gotta swallow your pride and go with a script that has a little more heft, like The Hunger Games or the X-Men franchise. 
And finally, who says the Oscars don't have an effect on the box office?  I mean, besides Fox News?  Personally, I don't know why they're complaining about the Oscars.  They have to make a movie about Fox News, for starters, if they want to win one.  As for Julianne Moore, well, the girl finally won.  Lord knows she was trying for a while.  Take that, Annette Bening!  Ouch.  Anyway, Still Alice debuts at #9 this week.  Oh why oh why must the Oscars award pictures that are so depressing, like Million Dollar Baby?

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