Friday, June 19, 2015

Auteur Watch - Aaron Courseault

Okay, I'm going to fire up my software again, though it's probably going to turn up nothing.  Also, Mr. Courseault's C.V. doesn't seem to merit a whole lot of attention yet.  But who knows?  There's probably a pathway to Spielberg City citizenship in there someplace... hmm!  Wonder if he's related to Jaeson Courseault.  I'll bet Jaeson's the agent or something.  Takes a lot of hands to make a movie pie!
Well, I'm pretty sure Aaron doesn't want to have to go back to his LinkedIn contacts from MacArthur Park, partly because it was 14 years ago now, but mostly because he just worked on the screenplay.  I mean, sure it's tempting to go back to Lori Petty and say "Oh, I just loved you in Point Break... can you get me to Spielberg at all?"  Whatever you do, DON'T mention Tank Girl.  Too many bad memories.  Plus, Naomi Watts won't return her calls.  Hmm!  Guess that The Birds remake never went through.  Well, that's how it happens with a big-time charity-working star like Naomi.  You gotta pick and choose projects a little more judiciously.  I mean, Allegiant parts 1 and 2?  Egg-zactly.  The Birds remake is just for the birds at this point.
Or you might want to try the LinkedIn contacts made on something called "Sommore: The Queen Stands Alone." You'll want to remain friends with this Sommore person, especially if she's a queen of comedy.  I mean, maybe she's made her bones like the original kings of comedy, I don't know!  A lot of this is news to me.  Reminds me of a lot of these facebook "celebrities" and "public figures."  Just because you wear a bikini well doesn't make you a celebrity or a public figure... okay, I'll give Sommore the benefit of the doubt.  After all, she earned her title with her guest shot on "The Hughleys."  That's right... I know my Kings of Comedy!

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