Friday, June 19, 2015

It's a Jurassic World After All

...what can me say?  I feel a little sorry for my fellow blogspotter Rachel Dolezal.  I mean, look at her blog!  She used to have a comments section and everything, but it got a little bit flooded with non-art fans trying to tell her that she's a fraud and what not.  Catching fire, indeed!  But I'll tell you one thing... okay, I should say, "I tell you what" instead.  But in this era of Selfies, the girl knows how to do a good selfie, am I right?  As David Letterman might have observed, you got yer car selfie, you got yer selfie at the desk, and of course the now omnipresent duck face.  Oh, you academic tease!  You're the youngest 37-year old I've seen lately!
Anyway, back to the real story of the week: the top 10 at the box office.  Pixar's latest, "Herman's Head"... I mean, Inside Out, debuts at #2, but with 90 million dollars!  This is highly unusual... well, it is to me, anyway.  Well, it used to be that one film taking in about 90 million at the box office the first weekend would have a cooling effect on all the rest.  But I guess there's a sort of consistency here.  Last week it was Jurassic World with 200 million.  This week it's Jurassic World and Inside Out with a combined total of about 190 million.  Third place is Spy with 10 million.  So by Hollywood standards that's pretty good, but the third place movie made more than 10 million, so they didn't really "crush it" as compared to, say, that Ultron movie.  The second place made 6 million that weekend!  Now that's crushing it.
The other debut is the Pharrell Williams production the mortals call Dope.  Alas, it only made about six million this weekend, and it debuts at #5.  But on the bright side, he's not too worried!  He's still laughing all the way to the bank.  According to my accounting textbook, Pharrell owns a Fatburger franchise, so he's raking it in in good times or bad.  Why, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the characters stop off at a Fatburger restaurant and make the usual pitch about wanting to be a vegetarian, while they sink their teeth into... whatever.  Let me check their online menu.  Ooh!  A Western BBQ Bacon Fatburger with a Chocnana (chocolate and banana) milkshake.  You know, they say that once you go fat... anyway, those are the debuts this week.

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