Sunday, October 11, 2015

Auteur Watch - Jerry Allen Davis

Oh good!  Another short one.  But I will say that this guy... Jerry's probably a guy, right?  I will say that they put everything on red, so to speak, and Shanghai Hotel hit some kind of jackpot.  So far, it's stuck somewhere in the middle of the "Shanghai" franchise, probably languishing between Shanghai Knights and Shanghai Surprise
But the casting here is not to be ignored.  I mean, if you've seen any episodes of that hot new show, "Limitless," then you'll rather instantly recognize Hill Harper!  Ooh... good name.  He's on that show!  Why, there's lots of actors in the cast of Shanghai Hotel with pictures next to their names.  There's also the cop from Pulp Fiction from that 2nd part... sheesh.  There's Yaya DaCosta, all kinds of people.  And yet... none of them are returning Jerry Davis' phone calls.  That's gratitude for ya.  Kinda makes you want to give up the biz entirely, like Tom Dey, apparently.  Dey's like Michael Bay, minus the sense of entitlement... the enormous, Bruckheimer- and Spielberg-fueled sense of entitlement.

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