Monday, October 19, 2015

Auteur Watch - Lee Davis

Boy, I tell ya... mo protegé, mo problems.  But this is kind of interesting, because Spike Lee protegé Lee Davis' IMDb page has a Top 4 with none of Spike's stuff in it!  How did he or they do that?  I mean,... wait, gotta look it up in my own blog; something sad about that... I mean, check out the IMDb page of Aleta Chappelle.  I'm rich, b'atch!  No, wait, different one.  Now, first of all, maybe I don't know my IMDb at all, or something's different here.  Usually there's a photo of the person that's profiled in the page, right up top next to their name.  I've never seen a person that looks like a movie poster before!  So, that's one.  Number two, Aleta's got about as many directorial credits to her name as does Lee Davis, but she's only known for other stuff that she worked on in a non-directorial capacity.  I just think it's wrong!  Wrong, wrong and terribly wrong!  W.N.G. Wrong!
But it is definitely one of those "Dream Come True" type deals, the story I read.  Apparently, Davis was working at a video store or something.  It's a little bit like what happened to Quentin Tarantino.  So Spike walks in to this store, and says to Lee Davis, "Hi.  I'm filmmaker Spike Lee."  And Lee Davis says "Hi, Spike Lee!  I'm Lee Davis!"  Then Spike said "But your first name is my last name!  Let's work together!"  Something like that, but I'm no screenwriter.  I couldn't turn that into, say, a 10-episode miniseries for FX or anything.  But long story short, apparently the partnership wasn't meant to last.  I mean, three films together, and Davis wasn't feeling the love, exactly.  They eventually parted company, and rather completely at that.  But I still say he turned out better than, say, Spike Lee protegé David C. Johnson!  Or is Drop Squad more beloved than I think?

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