Sunday, October 04, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Disagrees About Bringing Matt Damon Home

See, this is exactly why my blog's not getting hella traffic anymore.  I need some kind of stupid feature, like... what is the deal with these movie posters?  I'm just noticing.  You got a guy's face, and you got words over said face.  Also, Damon's kinda striking a Dieter-esque pose again, much like on one of those Bourne movies he did there.  For some reason, they play differently in England... wonder why.
But that seems to be the only fresh debut this week.  I don't have my usual file in front of me that I fill out every week, so I can't say for certain...oh, right!  I can just check the "Weeks" column on the IMDb there... yup, only one debut.  But I will say that Sicario seems to be rising, much like Josh Brolin's slightly similar 2007 indie-type film, No Country for Old Men, also photographed by Roger Deakins.  And, once again, sorry, Jolly Roger, but the ASC will see to it that you never win an Oscar, nor your children, nor your children's children.  You know what you did.  I suggest looking to the BSC for guidance and gilded statues... hmm!  That's really really bizarre.  He's got several awards from the ASC proper.  No Oscar!  Well, that's good research on my part, innit?  But I'm pretty sure he's the only guy to be nominated for two films during one year... which happened twice.

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