Saturday, October 31, 2015

'Burnt' Gets Singed, 'Our Brand is Crisis' in Crisis at the Box Office

I don't know why, but lately I've been getting all misty-eyed and sentimental for the days when Dr. Ben Carson was just this guy who was on the fringes, who only appeared occasionally as a footnote on The Daily Show, and who was just barely known as that crazy-ass smart doctor who would say outrageous stuff.  Now he's a celebrated, successful neurosurgeon, and he's running for President.  But enemies are hounding him at his door, trying to slander his work on the board of Costco and Kellogg, just because he wasn't anti-gay marriage enough... wait a minute, did I hear that right?  He was on the boards of Costco and Kellogg?  How many brains does a neurosurgeon have to neuro-surge on anyway?  But for some reason, and I know I shouldn't be thinking about this, his comment about how the Holocaust could have been prevented if, Gosh darn it, the Jews only had more guns.  I guess he's working his way over towards how Obama's the Gun Hitler of America.  You know, "First they came for our B.B. guns, and I said nothing..."  That kind of thing.
Now, I'm no expert, and I'm no historian... but I did glance over the following page on Wikipedia.  It's called "Racial policy of Nazi Germany."  And apparently, Kristallnacht was inspired by the shooting of a German diplomat by a Jew.  I don't know about you, but Dr. Carson's suggestion kinda fails the smell test for me at this point.  Now I'm just waiting for him to try saying that, well, Prohibition didn't work against alcohol, so why does anyone think that background checks for gun buyers are going to change anything?  I know, I know, trying to find logic in Republican conversations.  A fool's errand indeed.
Anyways, what's the big movie this weekend?  Probably The Martian again.  The only thing I'm really waiting for is Hail, Caesar!  I'm kinda pleased that some have already called it "the best movie of 2016."  Sure, that may be a bit hyperbolic to some, but it's the only new movie I give half a damn about... okay, here's some non-political movie talk.  On Facebook, they say that Heidi Klum transformed herself into Jessica Rabbit for her 16th annual Halloween party in New York City... oh, I feel so old.  But that's an entrepreneur for you.  I don't know why anyone in their right mind would feel the need to have an annual Halloween party in New York City, but God bless her.  Now, brighter minds than mine saw a photo of her all dressed up as a human version of Jessica Rabbit and referred to her as "sexy."  Call me old fashioned, but I'm still partial to the animated version.  Besides, with all the people going under the knife these days, there's actually a few women who already looked like that.  So, perhaps there's a lesson here, Heidi.  Whatever you do, don't go under the knife!!  Take up swimming to keep the skin tight or something.  Swimming and sauna on a regular basis.

(Sunday proper) ...oh, right!  Burnt!  Well, Chef turned out to be a sleeper hit.  I don't know how much they advertised for it, though.  But that's the fickle fans of Fate for ya.  After all that cross-promotion on that new "Limitless" show, after all the ad campaigns and everything... STILL no one wanted to see Bradley Cooper on a motorcycle with sunglasses and a leather jacket.  Not even Sienna Miller on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" could propel this turkey past The Martian.  Not even Bradley Cooper's character wanting to make food on a par with orgasms got people excited.  Now I'm as much an orgasm fiend as all the other Onans on my block, but ... oh, I don't know.  I've seen that "Seinfeld" episode.  Food and sex don't mix.  Well, they do, but you should try to keep them separate.  Also, it didn't seem like a message with a Populist slant to it.  It didn't seem like "an orgasm-worthy chicken in every pot"... anyway, let's move on.  The peace treaty between Sandra Bullock and George Clooney over George throwing Sandra into a swimming pool seems to be holding with the Smokehouse production called Our Brand is Crisis.  Then again... it debuted even under Burnt, so... urge to kill rising.  I gotta go; this is all getting very unseemly.

...oh wait!  I've got a good one now.  And this can really be applied to much of what Dr. Carson says... Dr. Ben Carson, Republican hopeful for President, thinks that the Holocaust could have been prevented if only all the German Jews had guns.  Well, I'd like a second opinion on that.........

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