Sunday, February 07, 2016

Auteur Watch - Michael Dorn

...Worf?  Seriously?  Boy, everyone really does want to direct!  Seriously, though, I can imagine being in his shoes, with the television directors he must've suffered through.  Peter Bonerz, Howard Storm and Rod Daniel, what have you.  One can't help but look at them and think "Aw, hell, I could do better than that!"  But Worf's directorial ambitions are clearly less than Riker's.  At least Riker got a few things up on the silver screen.  Of course, it's an unspoken taboo of Hollywood that Klingons have been traditionally kept out of the silver screen director's chair, no matter how long they've worked with the Enterprise in good faith.
As with other stars of Star Trek, they tend to stick to directing Star Trek stuff.  Shatner, Frakes, what have you.  Well, Riker does plenty of other stuff.  He's got a slightly broader range than Shatner, and yet, less mass appeal.  Who'd you rather have a beer with?  I don't know the "Star Trek" equivalent of 20th century Earth beer, sorry.  And so, Dorn's done a couple Star Trek episodes and... "V.I.P." ?!!!  Love that show.  I guess Pamela Anderson's too goofy-looking now to get her own show again.  Dorn also wrote and directed "Through the Fire," a thinly veiled autobiography for the TV market.  I guess none of the critics covered him when he ran.  Oh well.  But he did give a significant part to someone named Ron Dorn.  What a good brother slash parent!  Hey, there are no small parts, and New York doormen are the secret keepers of the city and its secrets.  Take the creepy door guy in that one episode of "Seinfeld"!

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