Sunday, February 28, 2016

Auteur Watch - Sania Dosunmu

You know, every once in a while you get a title like Dinner With the Devil.  Now it might turn people off, if only for some of the same reasons that a dinner with, say, Jesus would.  You can probably guess what the conversation's going to be about.  Where's the excitement?  The surprise?  But it's from 1975, so it harkens back to an era of big wigs and platform shoes with goldfish in them.  A simpler era, and dinner was a bigger deal.  In France, it might have been a big lunch with the Devil, with a nice wine.  I was reminded of the old Bobcat Goldthwait punchline about wanting dinner and drinks first.  I guess the Devil might still do that.  I imagine he'd do that with someone like Ted Cruz, after the ink on the parchment's dry.  But whatever the case, Sania seems to have lost their taste for directing, so to speak, after just the one film.  Must've been a bad experience.  Couldn't handle the pressure of a big time film like that, had to quit the biz forever, you know the old story.

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