Sunday, February 07, 2016

Searching for Goldie Potter, or The Brotherhood of the Self-Travelling Pants

More weirdness from Chuck Jones.  Here's an obscure Porky Pig cartoon called Wearing of the Grin, which is probably a pun.  I'm probably not Irish enough to fully appreciate this one.  I've only got a sliver of Irish heritage in my DNA, and probably not enough to justify a family castle.  But you know it's a good cartoon if it's got both a music-only track and a DVD link to a mini-documentary.
Anyway, much like Water, Water Every Hare, a Warner Bros. cartoon character finds themselves at an old abandoned mansion... at least, it seems to be abandoned.  In this case, it's Conde Nast extraordinaire Porky Pig traveling in Ireland, a fitting symbol for American Imperialism if there ever was one.  Especially so, since Porky just goes ahead and lets himself in the place!  Okay, he did use the doorbell, and the place was unlocked... what knockers!  And so, Porky calls out to see if anyone's home, kinda like Scatman Crothers in The Shining.  Porky's salutation rings out through the large empty mansion, of course... more Imperialism.  I think Mel just said the line over and over with a little bit of echo to it, and truncating it ever so slightly with each iteration; easier that way.  Pre-digital, you know!
And so, the chief Leprechaun, as we come to find out later, makes his first appearance.  He tries to explain to Porky that the castle is abandoned except for Leprechauns, as the sign outside tried to explain.  Porky treats the guy worse than the help!  Oh Dude... Porky slams the castle door, and a giant mace falls on Porky's head.  Now Porky may look like he's dead, but screenwriters take note, as you will have to re-watch this one from this point.  Sorry... spoiler alert.
We come to find out that the Leprechaun is in fact a double decker, as there's a brunette Leprechaun doubling as Seamus / O'Pat's legs.  The brunette Leprechaun gets paranoid, thinking Porky's after their pot of gold.  No wonder this guy's the legs.  Cooler heads must prevail. 
...meh, I can't get into this one.  Sure, there's the big moment when Porky freaks out, and the HLIC (Head Leprechaun in Charge) says to him "Pretty weird, huh?  You not be believin' what's afore ye little pig eyes now, are ya?"  ...something like that.  Then there's a big trial, and Porky's got to put on these Green Shoes, turning him into the Looney Tunes equivalent of ... Michael Flatley?  Kinda can't believe I remembered that!  I only looked it up two days ago!  At first, Porky doesn't think much of the court's punishment... until it takes him on a semi-psychedelic yet harried journey across a Dali-esque landscape. 
And then... SPOILER ALERT: it all turns out to be a dream!  A fever dream, brought upon by the nearly fatal blow to the head from the giant mace.  Porky decides to seek lodging elsewhere, American Imperialism is averted, and the two Leprechauns shake hands, the one from his post in the pants.  Mission accomplished.  Again, I'm not Irish enough to really appreciate this one.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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