Sunday, February 14, 2016

Crappy Valentine's Day

And why is it crappy?  It just is, that's why.  First of all, Hail, Caesar! isn't doing all that great at the box office... but maybe it's already recouped its losses.  22 million?  That's, like, twice the budget of Inside Llewyn Davis!  Boy, they know how to stretch their dollars.  Probably spent that much on TV ads.
So Hail, Caesar! is down... but Deadpool is up.  $132 million is quite a haul for a Kick-Ass-esque thing by Marvel.  After this, they really can do it all.  And I'm pretty sure Ryan Reynolds could use a hit right now.  Kinda like Jennifer Aniston in Office Space.  She'll always be grateful for the cult status of that film, her publicist informs me, even though she wasn't the star.  Typical male-dominated Hollywood.
...or is it?  Check out How to Be Single at #3 with the four female leads... did I just mistype it as "femail"?  Phigures.  It's the new Steel Magnolias, folks.  Spring Breakers, "Girls" on HBO, this... in the Battle of the Sexes, both sides seem to be losing somehow.  Oh, Rebel Wilson's fun and all, but she has yet to carry a movie by herself like Melissa McCarthy can.  And Leslie Mann's just trying to break hubby Judd Apatow's heart, isn't she?
And speaking of Apatow, Apatow's buddy Ben Stiller put his heart and soul and about three months of principal photography into Zoolander 2, only to have it debut at #4.  I'd feel more sorry for him, but he really needs to let go of getting his sketch show on Fox canceled.  I mean, if "The Ben Stiller Show" doesn't get canceled, where's Ben's big-ass movie career?  Where's Bob Odenkirk on "Breaking Bad"?  Where's Andy Dick being a trainwreck?  See what I mean?  What a crappy Valentine's Day.... oh, and Antonin Scalia died.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of that huge right-wing piece of crap, of course.  Seriously though, he was pretty awful.  And just like Reagan should have had a third term, now the Republicans don't want to fill Scalia's vacant seat.  They want to fill it in with concrete, just like Boo Radley's hole in the tree in "To Kill a Mockingbird."  Yeah, obeying laws is hard, isn't it, Republicans?  FILL THE DAMN SEAT!  LET OBAMA FILL THE DAYAMN SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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