Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mortals of Tinseltown

So, the big debut this week is something called Gods of Egypt at #2.  I'm happy it did well and all, but it's kinda too slick for me or something.  It's a slick, green-screen surface that I just can't cling to at all.  But it gives Bill Maher a chance to complain again about Gerard Butler movies anew.  And it's a renewal of faith for Gods of Egypt director Alex Proyas.  I'm surprised he has a career at all, seeing as how he killed the son of Bruce Lee... I know, I know, we're not supposed to talk about that.  Same thing with this guy and Gone Fishin'.  So a crew member got killed!  So what?  Think long term here, people!  Gone Fishin' is a memorable classic that we watch every year at Thanksgiving and Halloween!  Isn't that what's important here?
At #5, it's Eddie the Eagle.  Not as hard of a sell as Cool Runnings, but at least Cool Runnings was a bit of a hit.  And at #6, it's the gritty crime drama Triple 9... noticed I didn't use the word 'urban'?  ...Damn it!  It's more David Ayer-esque fare, but from a different director of music videos gone legit.  His name is the vaguely familiar John Hillcoat.  He looks like the lead singer from the band Midnight Oil, and he's finally got his day in the sun, just like Anton Corbijn and that George Clooney movie he did a few years ago... man, how time flies.

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