Sunday, May 01, 2016

Auteur Watch - Koran Dunbar

Phew.  Another short one.  What a relief.  Well, the centerpiece of his C.V., if you will, seems to be something called Greencastle.  After directing and acting in that, Koran decided to try some other facets of the movie industry.  Maybe producing is the thing!
...just watched the official full trailer on YouTube.  While they're on a date at a fancy-schmancy restaurant, the lead asks the love interest, "What are your hopes and dreams?"  The love interest says "No one's ever asked me that!"  Clearly this is their first romantic comedy... with a little tragedy for the critics.  It's kind of like in job interviews when the interviewer asks you about how you see yourself settling in to a role in this company.  At least, that's the vibe I got from the trailer.  This used to be the stuff of pillow talk, but apparently everyone's hope and dream these days is just... just one more bacon sandwich before the Zombie Apocalypse really gets rolling.  Just one more.

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