Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Latest Marvel... Hail, Scarlett!

Russian hackers must've picked up on my login again, as the former Soviet Union's turning especially dark green on my audience map.  Meanwhile, Marvel shows Hollywood how it's done again.  If I were DC Comics, I'd be getting nervous!  Let's just say that Warner Bros. is the de facto DC Comics Studio for now, until they decide to go independent... that is, independent of the ol' WB.  Yes, the latest installment of the Captain America franchise is #1, blocking out any and all other newcomers this week.  No other young celluloid sapling got a taste of that sweet, sweet nourishing sunlight, and God bless them.  I personally can't figure out the appeal of Captain America, but somebody's clearly doing something right.  For some reason, I confused Chris Evans with one of the Hemsworth boys who, incidentally... oh, well.  At least that Chris is trying to stretch himself, range-wise.  In other news, Mother's Day rises from #4 to #3, so Hector's search for happiness with Garry Marshall is far from over.  And Keanu only slips two spots from 3 to 5.  Not bad for Key and Peele's R-rated comedy!  If it were only about superheroes, it might be doing Deadpool-type numbers!  Select clips of it ought to do real well on YouTube soon... you know, what with the cute kitten and all.

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