Sunday, May 15, 2016

'The Darkness' Fumbles for a Key to a Door that's Wide Open

Yeah, I know.  I suppose, technically, I should be badmouthing Clooney's latest, Money Monster, but I can't.  I mean, God bless all involved, but it's Cadillac Man with the "Mad Money" twist... ACK!  I just badmouthed it!
Let's move on then.  Disney and Marvel continue their stranglehold on the top spots... boy!  Where's that musty old Sherman Anti-trust Act when you need it?  The only other debut this week is called The Darkness.  Sounds like your typical Amityville-type deal, but with the Grand Canyon twist.  Well, all I know is that those Grand Canyon ghosts really pick their battles.  Remember that time when Clark Griswold made off with the till at that Grand Canyon gift shop?  And yet, the ghosts did nothing.  The ghosts, for whatever reason, unanimously said "Hey!  That makes up for the crooked car guys from earlier!  Equilibrium restored."

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