Sunday, May 01, 2016

Short Reviews - May 2016

Double Jeopardy - Well, I hate to say it, but this movie was sort of prescient, especially given the return of a certain mayor on that "Gotham" show!

Finding Dory - The latest headline says that the release of this film could make certain fish populations decline.  Well, hey!  My cellphone's probably killing off the bees, but I ain't giving that up either!

"Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" - I should've mentioned this before, but she's going into some nice places, comedically!  You give 'em Hell, Samanthas Bees!  Loved the thing about the real victims of Super PACs.  Go figure; the millionaires of the world aren't so monolithic after all.  Billionaires, yes, but not the millionaires.  As for the Religious Right in America, well... you'll know you're getting to them once you appear on their Enemies List.

"Like Mike 2: Streetball" - For those of you watching HBO Family tonight, expecting to see Disney's The Kid, you might get this instead, like me!

Out For Justice - Dana Carvey told a story about Steven Seagal and his legendary solo appearance on SNL.  It had to do with the Hans and Franz sketch that appeared in the show... and now Dana has to die.  Probably like the Jamaican drug lord in... Marked for Death?  One of the other ones.

"Preacher" - The sound effects from the Atari 2600 version of "Donkey Kong" live on!

"Silicon Valley" - Even though the finest comic minds alive are already hard at work on it, I'm going to offer my all-too literal soundtrack suggestions anyway.  Even though Shakira is hard to top, here's a couple that might be from Mike Judge and company's formative years.  First, the Beach Boys' "Fairy Tale Music," and second, a cut called 'Pied Piper' from Jethro Tull's album, "Too Old to Rock 'n Roll, Too Young to Die."  You're welcome!

Spark - One of my roommates was wondering what Hilary Swank has been up to.  Well, she might not be playing moms yet, but she's keeping busy!  And a queen is... sort of a mom of all the land, right?  The Queen Mum?

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