Sunday, May 29, 2016

Don't get me wrong.................

I'll be strong when the slowburn sunset comes along.  Anyway, the big story on Yahoo! is not that the new X-Men movie is #1, but that Johnny Depp's latest movie is a huge bomb.  Of course, they've been saying that ever since about the time of The Rum Diaries about Depp's movies.  Probably the best news that Depp has had lately, given the recent double whammy of his divorce from someone named Amber Heard, and his mom passing away.  Bombs are the new hits these days, what with Amazon and Netflix flooding the marketplace with series, web-exclusive and non... oh, I thought Tim Burton directed this one!  The new Alice movie is actually the product of Ali G's old friend, James Bobin, and Ali G has a bit part, of course.  Now, (The Brothers) Grimsby... now THAT was a bomb.  Debuting at #8 actually is a bomb.
So, X-Men and Alice are the two big winners this week.  The only other debut is Jane Austen's classic Love & Friendship.  For old fashioned film geeks like me, this is one of those things where we all go "...huh!" because it's a reunion of sorts of the major cast and crew of a film called The Last Days of Disco.  Yes, writer director Whit Stillman, indie-film celeb Chloë Sevigny and the Underworld chick Kate Beckinsale decided to reunite, but only because the project was right.  Stillman decided to forego work on Little Green Men, a novel by William F. Buckley's kid.  This is a make or break moment for Morfydd Clark, me thinks.  If she's not on Colbert's show in the next couple of weeks explaining the genesis of her name, well... ah, she'll probably get another spotlight chance anyway. 

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