Sunday, June 12, 2016

Auteur Watch - Dwayne Boyd

Whoa dude... ain't it always the way?  Dwayne Boyd's got about as lengthy a résumé as one could have, acting in about 3 projects a year.  Terribly busy!  And small parts in two YA smash hits will give you a legion of rabid fans that you'll never be able to shake... just remember, they're fans of success, not fans of yours.  Kinda like the vast majority of Dave Chappelle fans!  Owwch.  That was a little mean.
And yet, all this acting, and it's just not enough.  One must stretch and grow into different crafts.  Producing, writing, casting, self... sorry, now I'm just cutting and pasting, aren't I?  And so, after eight years of acting, it was time to try the director's chair proper.  Something called 4 Minutes.  Now let's check the reviews... can someone translate this page, please?  I think they're saying, I enjoyed 4 Minutes... it's good, just not Jerry Lewis good.
I'm going to skip over the beloved TV series "Castle Ridge" and just go right to his next project that seems to be headed for the sliver screen called Big Losers.  What can me say?  I'm kind of a fan of the genre.  You've got 2000's Loser.  You've got your 2010's The Losers.  You've got Mike Nichols' 2004 project, Closer.  The stars of which are certainly the photogenic cream of the crop, but they spend the movie just spinning their wheels, let's be honest.  Now we've got Big Losers.  I mean, hey, if you're gonna be a loser, might as well be big about it, right?... and there are no reviews of Big Losers.  That's terrific.  True to the title, anyway.  So it's time to go to the old Spielberg connection.  Well, Dwayne played a small part in the first The Hunger Games movie, and Jennifer Lawrence is slated to do a pic with Spielberg.  That's one way.  There's also the Billy Crystal connection.  That might be the more interesting way to go, and slightly less blatant.  Billy's connected to Spielberg somehow, surely?  Do they go to the same synagogue?

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