Sunday, June 12, 2016

World of Demographics

Sequels continue to flood the box office this week.  Sequels and movies inspired by video games.  If memory serves, then... if then, am I right, programmers?  I know, I know, Java and C++ don't have the 'then' keyword.  But it seems to me that the video game called "(World of) Warcraft" has been around way, way longer than "Angry Birds."  And yet, here we are... it's 2016, and Warcraft only comes in at #2?  What gives?  Where's the energized fanbase?  They can't all be anti-big cinema Bernie supporters, can they?  Okay, I'll bite.  Who we got in the cast here?... Travis Fimmel.  Never heard of him.  Wonder if he went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote this.  He plays Anduin Lothar... you know, of the Hill People.  Well, that's one way to beat those Copyright Filter blues!  Clearly, these filmmakers don't know what they're doing.  Get yourself a Josh Duhamel or Gerard Depardieu as one of the Warcraft Elders... promote the hell out of it!
That's exactly why you get beat by Johnny Come Latelies like The Conjuring 2.  Oh, Vera Farmiga!  Playing a damsel in distress.  What happened, grrlfriend?  You should be playing the forever bad girl, as in 2014's The Judge!  And probably others.  Sure, you're filling in seats now, but what about that empty, aching void in my soul?
The last debut sequel this week is Now You See Me 2.  It's about magic.  It's also about Daniel... what's his name... RoebuckRadcliffe!  That's it!  It's also about Harry Potter trying to recapture that old Harry Potter magic.  His naughty appearance on that Ricky Gervais show, that naughty appearance in "Equus" on Broadway, I believe it was.  As long as he doesn't rob a corner grocery store, as so many other child stars before him and after, we'll be fine.
So there we have it.  The only thing in the Top 10 this week that's not a sequel, inspired by a video game, or a reboot for 3D 4K-1080P is something called Me Before You, and that's got Fanboy written all over it!  Ick.  When's Suburbicon coming out?

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