Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blue Tang Clan

Surprise, surprise, the guest appearance of the cast of Finding Dory on Jimmy Kimmel Live... and a few other promotional outlets... and Pixar's latest juggernaut is #1 at the box office, crushing all others in its wake.  And, of course, co-director Andrew Stanton is especially pleased, because the stench of John Carter (of Mars) is almost behind him.  A couple more Pixar hits and you'll be all back to normal!
...boy, but Google Chrome can't handle the IMDb today!  Excuse me while I put Chrome out of its misery... there we go.  The only other debut this week is called Central Intelligence, and it's all part of Kevin Hart's proverbial Reign of Terror atop the Box Office.  If you're sick of him and his success now, well, too bad, because he's got another ten years to go at least.  In the Ride Along movies, Kevin plays the fish-out-of-water working with his cop brother-in-law.  Now I'm probably being cynical, but is Central Intelligence basically the same plot?  And does the poster really say "A Little Hart, A Big Johnson"??  Well, if "The Rock" is okay with it, I'm okay with it.  It's just that...

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