Sunday, July 03, 2016

Auteur Watch - Fabrice Eboué

The thing you must realize about Fabrice Eboué, first and foremost, is that he's French.  Very, very French.  But his is what a French résumé looks like when you don't work with Luc Besson.  Sure, he tried auditioning for the male lead in Angel-A, but just didn't get it, as so many others didn't.
Scarred by this experience, he yearned to be the director; the man in the chair, if you like.  Surely none of them ever feel pressure to perform at work, sitting there in their chairs.  And Fabrice had worked with his share of bad ones.  He looked at them and said, aw hell, even I could do that! 
And do he did.  Just the two so far, and sharing credit with an actual director, apparently.  Will he and Lionel Sketekee... Steketee, are they the new Powell and Pressburger?  The new Merchant and Ivory?  The team of Harmony Korine and... whatever pain meds he's currently taking?  Well, so far, there's no third collaboration planned.  Maybe we mere mortals don't get to hear about it just yet, but let's all hope it doesn't turn out to be another A Night Full of Rain!  PEEWWWWWW!!!!!  Oh, the stench of contractual obligation is one that don't wash off so easy-like, I tell you darlings.

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