Sunday, July 17, 2016

Don't Fear the Reboot

You know how people always like to say that it's that time of year when you turn off the feeds from your political friends on facebook?  Well, ever since the controversy surrounding the new Ghostbusters movie began to swirl, I've been thinking about turning off the feeds from some of my cinephile friends who are just completely up in arms over this latest remake.  "It matters," they say.  And, "If you don't know why the Ghostbusters remake is a bad idea, you are a terrible, terrible person."  Sh... stuff like that. 
Well, as far as I'm concerned, the cast of "Saturday Night Live" have a tradition to uphold, and that is one of eventually letting their fans down.  And hard.  Take Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, for example.  They have parts in the new Ghostbusters... are they not complicit as well?  I was at a party once and a guy said "I love Bill Murray.  I'd do anything for that man, I'd watch anything with that man."  Really?  Even Larger than Life?  Even one of the Garfield movies?!!!  Applying the similar test to Dan Aykroyd is much, much easier.  I'd be rather hesitant to meet the man who'd do the same for Dan Aykroyd.
So despite the protestations, it debuts pretty strong at #2.  If there's nothing else on the horizon, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it takes the #1 spot next weekend.  I mean, The Secret Life of Pets is down 50%!  From $100 opening weekend to $50 the next... I mean, that's Matrix 3 numbers.  Owwch.  Meanwhile, Walter White continues his celluloid reign of terror with The Infiltrator, another true story involving the cocaine trade.  Remember: just say no, kids.  Unless you've got really, really great friends, don't ride the White Pony to the end of the dusty trail.  Let's try to cut down on the need for new clean needle clinics for a change.

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