Sunday, July 24, 2016

Auteur Watch - Onyekachi Ejim

It seems we have no biographical information on Onyekachi Ejim... but maybe we can jump to the conclusion that he's Nigerian, based on this Wikipedia page for the 2014 Nigerian crime thriller, Hail, Caesar!... I mean, Render to Caesar.  So while he hasn't broken into the American market, it may not be too late!  Plus, he just might have an in, having starred in 2008's Cooper's Camera/Christmas.  Starring Jason Jones and Samantha Bee... yes, that Jason Jones and Samantha Bee of "The Daily Show" fame.  It's an R-rated version of, say, Surviving Christmas, or Christmas with the Kranks... but funny.  Oh, s'z'nap!  And what's that one with Daniel DeVito and Ferris Bueller... Deck the Halls!  That seems to be it.  Like Tin Men, but an Xmas theme.  I guess Ejim decided to go back to Nigeria and rise to the top over there, rather than be known as just another guy who climbed through the "Daily Show" ranks to make it to the top... something like that.  But I'm a glass half-full kinda guy, and I still say it's not too late to conquer the American market.

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