Sunday, July 31, 2016

'Bourne' Free, guys, it's called Ice Age: Collision Course, not Ice Age 5!  You've got the extra letters... USE THEM!  Jeff Bezos shall hear of this!
Anyway, as expected, the latest installment of the Paul Greengrass-hijacked Bourne series, called simply Jason Bourne, opened at #1 this weekend.  And on the eve of his 46th birthday, Matt Damon's gotta get in a big ol' fistfight, and knock the other guy out in one punch, of course.  Gotta.  Just gotta.  The MTV Movie Awards demands no less.  It made $60 million opening weekend... but it cost about $50 million in TV adverts to get to that 60.  Plus, the fake feud between Damon and James Kimmel certainly didn't hurt.
Meanwhile, the latest raunch fest... sorry, I should probably capitalize that.  The latest Raunch Fest (TM) from the creators of the Hangover trilogy is out, and it's called Bad Moms.  Well, thank God the poster seems to have the same font as their 21 & Over.  They need it to look like you're viewing it on an iPad.  Very important.  Something about that font that just goes so well on a mobile device.  Must be the anti-aliasing or something.
In case you're curious, like I am, as to the A.V. Club's review of Bad Moms, here it is... in hyperlink form.  C+ is probably where you want to be with them when releasing your latest raunch fest.  Sorry... Raunch Fest (TM).  But personally, I am HIGHLY shocked and offended for two concrete reasons: 1) how dare they lump in Bad Santa with Bad Moms, and 2) how dare they not include Very Bad Things in the list of the various Bad movies that have come out since Bad Santa.
The last debut this week is something called Nerve, proving once again that Dave Franco is his James' brother.  As for Emma Roberts, well... I guess it's a hit, but it could be a little hit-tier, so to speak.  You know, like... whatever her big hit was.  Judging from her IMDb Top 4, I'm going to say Aquamarine.  Love the poster, BTW.  Makes me think of this one, for some reason.  That, of course, says more about me as a human being than about posters... dayamn!  The latter one's been digitally remastered, then, hasn't it?  I didn't think anyone had the inclination to do so!

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