Sunday, October 30, 2016

Code breaker, Challenge Taker...

...don't you mess around with me.  Yes, despite their stoutest efforts, Tom Hanks and company come in at a distant second place with the latest installment of the Da Vinci Code... I mean, the Professor Robert Langdon series, and it's called Inferno.  Alas, Tyler Perry's latest was slightly more towering at the box office.  As for me, well... I just don't feel Catholic enough or Gospel enough for either entry, Frank Lee.
Now, I'm no computer expert, but why does everything not load anymore?  Why do I have to go to a website and hit refresh to get something to load?  And speaking of computer problems, more Hillary emails have apparently surfaced... oh right, from Anthony Weiner's wife's computer... something like that.  They also found a lot of... let's just say stuff belonging to "Carlos Danger."  All I know is, when even They Might Be Giants is against you... the band, not the 1971 movie from whence they take their name... see, the tweet says "Applications for Comey's job can be submitted starting Nov. 9".  Okay, found the way to copy the link.  If the news can do it, damn it, so should I.  Also, does anyone remember a little movie called Fair Game (2010) and the incident that it's based upon?  Anyone at all?  I know, I know... it's just pre-9/11 thinking again.  Something like that.  And really, wasn't that "Crooked Hillary"'s fault too?
The only other debut this week is something called Ae Dil Hai Mushkil... better post the link to that.  Boy, that Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan) can put da butts in da seats!

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