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Short Reviews - July 2017

Aladdin from Broadway - With Antonio Moreno as Jack Stanton

Arms and the Girl - With William David as Jack Martin

Big Timber - With Wallace Reid as Jack Fife

Blue Jeans - With Augustus Phillips as Jack Bascom

Bombs and Blunders - With Eddie Dunn as Jack... Helen's Sweetheart

The Boonton Affair - With King Baggot as Jack Walton

The Boy Girl - With Violet Mersereau as 'Jack' Channing

Boy Scouts to the Rescue - With Derek Boddey as Jack Blake

Broken Threads - With Henry Edwards as Jack Desmond

Captain Kiddo - With Philo McCullough as Jack Laird

The Clean Gun - With Stanley J. Preston as Jack Algers

The Clock - With Franklyn Farnum as Jack Tempest

The Cold Deck - With Edwin Wallock as 'Black Jack'

Cupid's Touchdown - With Scott R. Beal as Captain Jack

A Daughter of the Poor - With Roy Stewart as Jack Stevens

Den Mystiske Tjener - Mitt Gunnar Tolnaes als Jack Milton... Detective

Diamonds and Pearls - With Curtis Cooksey as Jack Harrington

An Eight Cylinder Romance - With J. Morris Foster as Jack Gleason

The Fair Barbarian - With Douglas MacLean as Jack Belasys

The Fettered Woman - With Donald MacBride as Jack Wolver

The Folly of Fanchette - With Clyde Benson as Jack Rhodes

Freckles - With William Elmer as Black Jack

The Further Adventures of Stingaree - With Hal Clements as Jack Connors

The Girl Who Won Out - With Sherman Bainbridge as Jack Beal

God's Law and Man's - With Augustus Phillips as Jack Alston

Hate - With Morgan Jones as Jack Bradley

The Haunted Pajamas - With Edward Sedgwick as the Tuskaloosa Jack Billings

The Heart of Ezra Greer - With George Forth as Jack Denbeigh

The Heart of Texas Ryan - With Tom Mix as Jack Parker

The Hidden Hand - With Mahlon Hamilton as Jack Ramsey

The Honor System - With George Walsh as Jack Taylor

The Iron Ring - With Arthur Ashley as Jack Delamore

Jack and the Beanstalk - With Francis Carpenter as Francis / Jack

Jerry's Master Stroke - With George George as Flash Jack

The Kidnapped Bride - With Lee Hill as Jack Morgan

The Losing Winner - With Carter DeHaven as Jack Bryson

Mary's Merry Mix-Up - With Jay Belasco as Jack... Mary's Husband

Melting Millions - With George Walsh as Jack Ballantine

Miss Nobody - With William Parke Jr. as Jack Thurston

The Money Mill - With Evart Overton as Jack Burton

Mothers of Men - With Hal Reid as Jack Scranton

The Mystery of the Double Cross - With Theodore Friebus as Jack Dunn

The Mystery Ship - With Kingsley Benedict as Jack Fay

The Natural Law - With George Larkin as Jack Bowling

North of Fifty-Three - With Edward Alexander as Jack Barrow

Number 10, Westbound - With W. E. Lawrence as Jack Shannon

Paradise Garden - With Lester Cuneo as Jack Ballard

The Plow Woman - With Lee ('L. C.') Shumway as Lieutenant Jack Fraser... and with George Hupp as Jack... as a Child

The Princess of Patches - With Burke Wilbur as Jack Merry

Princess of the Dark - With Alfred Vosburgh / Gayne Whitman as Jack Rockwell

Queen of My Heart - With Alfred Lugg as Jack Lethridge

Roping Her Romeo - With Ben Turpin as Honest Eyed Jack... a Poor Butterfly.  See, because... LOL... they refer to his eyes because...

The Secret of Black Mountain - With T. H. Gibson Gowland as Jack Rance

The Seeds of Redemption - With Stanley Walpole as Jack Warren

The Serpent's Tooth - With Edward Peil (Sr.) as Jack Stilling

The Seven Pearls - With Henry G. Sell as Handsome Jack

The Silent Man - With Robert McKim as Handsome Jack Pressley

The Soul Herder - With Vester Pegg as Topeka Jack

The Square Deal Man - With William S. Hart as Jack O'Diamonds

Steel Hearts - With Lee Hill as Jack Belmont

Sunlight's Last Raid - With Alfred Whitman as Jack Conway

Taming Target Center - With Ben Turpin as Yellow Jack... the Old Sheriff

The Tornado - With John Ford as Jack Dayton

The Trail of Hate - With John Ford as Lt. Jack Brewer

The Trap - With Robert Ellis as Jack Mulhall... Gambler

Under False Colors - With Robert Vaughn as Jack Colton

Vengeance - And the Woman - With George Holt as Black Jack

Why They Left Home - With Milburn Moranti as Jack Dawson

A Wife's Suspicion - With Val Paul as Jack Bradford

Wooden Shoes - With Howard C. Hickman as Jack Smith

The World Apart - With Henry A. Barrows as Jack King

The Wrong Man - With Harry Carey as Jack Wilson

Ace High - With Lawrence Peyton as Jack Keefe

Ave Maria - With H. Manning Haynes as Jack Haviland

The Border Legion - With Hobart Bosworth as Jack Kells

Broadway Bill - With Cornish Beck as Jack Latham

Broadway Love - With Harry von Meter as Jack Chalvey

The Danger Mark - With Crauford Kent as Jack Dysart

The Dawn of Understanding - With George Kunkel as Sheriff Jack Scott

Dodging a Million - With Tom Moore as Jack Forsythe

A Duck Out of Water - With Eddie Lyons as Jack Tarr

The Enchanted Profile - With Evart Overton as Jack Lathrop

The Enemy Within - With Rex 'Snowy' Baker as Jack Arlie

The Eyes of Mystery - With Bradley Barker as Jack Carrington

The Ghost of Slumber Mountain - With Herbert M. Dawley as Uncle Jack Holmes

The Girl o' Dreams - With William A. Carroll as Jack Leonard

The Girl of Today - With Webster Campbell as Jack Wynn

Gowns and Girls - With Dave Morris as Jazzband Jack

Her Screen Idol - With Ford Sterling as Handsome Jack Darling

Hungry Eyes - With Henry (H. A.) Barrows as Jack Nelda

Jack Spurlock, Prodigal - With George Walsh as Jack Spurlock

Jules of the Strong Heart - With Ernest Joy as Jack Liggitt

Keith of the Border - With Roy Stewart as Jack Keith

Laughing Bill Hyde - With John Sainpolis as Black Jack Burg

Marriage - With David Powell as Jack Spencer

The Midnight Trail - With William Russell as Jack Woodford

The Million Dollar Dollies - With Bradley Barker as Jack Hobson

More Trouble - With Al(bert) Ray as Jack Wells

My Unmarried Wife - With Pat(rick) Calhoun as Jack Herrick

Naked Fists - With Joe Rickson as Jack Haynes

On Leave - With Aubrey Fitzmaurice as Lt. Jack Fordyce

On the Jump - With George Walsh as Jack Bartlett

Shot in the Dumbwaiter - With Lee Moran as Mr. Jack Downs

Sleuths - With Ben Turpin as Eagle Eye Jack... Detective

The Splendid Coward - With Teddy Arundell as Jack Lorimer

The Still Alarm - With Tom Santschi as Jack Manley

A Turf Conspiracy - With Arthur Walcott as Jack Rook

Under the Greenwood Tree - With Eugene O'Brien as Jack Hutton

The Vamp Cure - With Lee Moran as Jack Wise

The Waybacks - With Lance Vane as Jack Hinds

We Should Worry - With William Pike as Jack Fenton

Wife or Country - With Charles West as Jack Holiday

The Woman Between Friends - With Robert Walker as Jack Graylock

The Woman in the Web - With J. Frank Glendon as Jack Lawford

Young America - With Howard (I.) Smith as Jack Doray

As the Sun Went Down - With F. E. Spooner as Gin Mill Jack

The Autocrat - With Reginald Fox as Jack Blake

The Belle of New York - With Raymond Bloomer as Jack Bronson

Better Times - With Hugh Fay as Jack Ransom

The Bondage of Barbara - With Arthur Housman as Jack Newton

Der Dolch des Malayen - Mitt Lewis Brody als Jack Johnson... ein Neger

Die Sonne Bringt es an Den Tag - Mitt Hans Felix als Detektiv Jack Murphi

Die Teufelskirche - Mitt Leo Sloma als Jack Bully

Fair and Warmer - With Pell Trenton as Jack Wheeler

Fighting for Gold - With Tom Mix as Jack Kilmeny... (sniff) Farewell, Sir Mix a Lot.  This is his last one!

The Great Radium Mystery - With Robert Reeves as Jack Turner

Heart of Gold - With Robert Fischer as Jack Levinsky

The Heart of Wetona - With Charles Edler as Comanche Jack

The Homesteader - With Charles R. Moore as Jack Stewart

The Illustrious Prince - Hmmm.... oh, what the heck.  I'll go for it.  Somehow, I don't think anyone's going to object.  With Edward Peil (Sr.) as Inspector Jacks.

The Intrusion of Isabel - With Allan Forrest as Jack Craig

The Isle of Conquest - With Gareth Hughes as Jack Frazier

A Lass o' the Looms - With Henry Victor as Jack Brown

The Lottery Man - With Wallace Reid as Jack Wright

The Love Auction - With Edwin Stanley as Jack Harley

Love Insurance - With A. Edward Sutherland as Jack Paddock

The Man Who Forgot - With H. Agar Lyons as Tarpaulin Jack

Mary Regan - With Carl Miller as Jack Morton

The Masked Rider - With George Chapman as Capt. Jack Hathaway... Texas Rangers

Only a Mill Girl - With Arthur Condy as Jack Ainsleigh

Paid in Advance - With Harry De More as Flap Jack

The Praise Agent - With Arthur Ashley as Jack Bartling

The Prince and Betty - With Anita Kay as Mrs. Jack Wheldon

Putting One Over - With George Walsh as Horace Barney / Jack Trevor

The Rocks of Valpre - With William Saville as Jack Forrest

Sealed Hearts - With Eugene O'Brien as Jack Prentiss

The Secret of the Moor - With Henry Thompson as Jack Myddleton

Shadows - With Tom Santschi as Jack McGoff

The Silver Lining - With Richard Buttery as Jack Hillsbury

Something to Do - With Bryant Washburn as Jack Merrill

Spotlight Sadie - With Walter Hiers as Jack Mills

Tempest Cody Gets Her Man - With Carl Miller as Jack Rutledge

Tempest Cody Plays Detective - With Carl Miller as Jack Rutledge

Tempest Cody Rides Wild - With Carl Miller as Jack Rutledge

Tempest Cody Turns the Tables - With Carl Miller as Jack Rutledge

The Tiger's Trail - With George Larkin as Jack Randall

Told in the Hills - With Robert Warwick as Jack Stuart

The Undercurrent - With (Arthur) Guy Empey as Jack Duncan... and with Vera Boehm as Jack Duncan, Jr.

Unknown Love - With Robert Elliott as Captain Jack Tims

Wanted: A Husband - With James Crane as Jack Remsen

Widow by Proxy - With John Gilbert as Jack Pennington

Winning a Bride - With Herbert Heyes as Jack Crowley

The Winning Girl - With Harold Goodwin as Jack Milligan

You Never Saw Such a Girl - With J. Morris Foster as Gentleman Jack

All of a Sudden Peggy - With A. Edward Sutherland as Jack Menzies

The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernie Bliss - With Reginald Bach as Jack Brent

Desert Love - With Charles K. French as Jack Remington

Dinty - With Pat O'Malley as Jack North

Feuerteufel - Mitt Carl Becker als Texas Jack

The Forbidden Valley - With Bruce Gordon as Jack Winslow

The Golden Trail - With Allan Hersholt as Little Jack

The Great Accident - With Philo McCullough as Jack Routt

Greater than Fame - With Walter McGrail as Jack Martin

The Hundredth Chance - With Sydney Seaward as Jack Bolton

In Search of a Sinner - With Rockliffe Fellowes as Jack Garrison

Jack Straw - With Robert Warwick as Jack Straw

The Kentucky Colonel - With Mary Talbot as Jack Gap

The Law Divine - With H. V. Esmond as Jack le B(r)as

Love Madness - With Noah Beery as Jack Frost

The Man from Kangaroo - With Wilfred Lucas as Red Jack Braggan

The Misleading Lady - With Bert Lytell as Jack Craigen

Molly and I - With Harry Dunkinson as Jack Herrick

Mountain Madness - With Harold Miller as Jack Radnor

Mrs. Temple's Telegram - With Bryant Washburn as Jack Temple

The Night Riders - With Andre Beaulieu as Jack Marbolt

The Paliser Case - With A. Edward ("Eddie") Sutherland as Jack Menzies

The Penalty of Fame - Med Aage Bendixen som Jack Pudding

Prairie Trails - With Sid Jordan as Jack Purdy

The Pride of the North - With Richard Buttery as Jack Hargreaves

The Prince Chap - With Casson Ferguson as Jack... Earl of Huntington

Remodeling Her Husband - With Leslie Marsh as Littlest Girl in Wedding Scene... I mean, with James Rennie as Jack Valentine

Rose of Nome - With Herbert Prior as Jack Hilton

The Round-Up - With Tom Forman as Jack Payson

The Servant Question - With Buster Collier as Jack Merrick

The Silent Avenger - With Ernest Shields as Jack Durham

Sklaven fremden Willens - Mitt Rudolf Klein-Rhoden als Jack Weller

Smoldering Embers - With Jay Belasco as Jack Manners

The Stolen Kiss - With Edward A. ("Eddie") Fetherston as Jack Hall

The Sword of Damocles - With Bobby Andrews as Jack Moray

A Temporary Gentleman - With Tom Reynolds as Mr. Jack

The Texan - With Sid Jordan as Jack Purdy

The Turning Point - With Kenneth Harlan as Jack Rivett

Twice Two - With Ivan Samson as Jack Romer

What Women Love - With Carl Ullman as Jack Mortimer

The Winning Goal - With Harold Walden as Jack Metherill

The Woman God Sent - With Warren Cook as Jack West Sr. ... and with Joe King as Jack West Jr.

Yes or No - With Rockliffe Fellowes as Jack Berry

A Battle of Wits - With Edmund Cobb as Jack Randall

Black Beauty - With George Webb as Jack Beckett

Bob Hampton of Placer - With Buddy Post as Jack Moffet

Corinthian Jack - With Victor McLaglen as Jack Halstead

The Cowpuncher's Comeback - With Art Acord as Jack O'Lane

The Dangerous Moment - With W. T. Fellows as Jack Reeve

Dangerous Toys - With William Desmond as Jack Gray

Der Gang durch die Hölle - Mitt Karl Falkenberg als Der rote Jack

Do or Die - With Eddie Polo as Jack Merton

The Fighter - With George Stewart as Jack Standish

The Four Feathers - With Cyril Percival as Jack Durrance

God's Crucible - With Robert T. Haines as Jack French... and with Jules Cowles as Jack French's Servant

God's Gold - With Neal Hart as Jack Cameron

The Headmaster - With Lionelle Howard as Jack Strahan

Her Face Value - With Eugene Burr as Jack Darian

Hush - With J. Frank Glendon as Jack Stanford

A Knight of the West - With Olin Francis as Jack 'Zip' Garvin

Love's Penalty - With Douglas Redmond as 'Little Jack'

Lykkens galoscher - Med Victor Montell som Jack Henderson

A Man's Home - With Roland Bottomley as Jack Wilson

Marry the Poor Girl - With Carter DeHaven as Jack Tanner

The Millionaire - With Herbert Rawlinson as Jack Norman

The Mountain Woman - With Richard C. Travers as Jack Halloway

The Mysterious Rider - With Jim Mason as Jack Bellounds

Peck's Bad Boy - With Wheeler Oakman as Dr. Jack Martin... the Man in the Case

Playing with Fire - With Harold Miller as Jack Taylor

A Prince There Was - With Nigel Barrie as Jack Carruthers

A Ridin' Romeo - With Sid Jordan as Jack Walters

Riding with Death - With William Gillis as Jack Hughes... CAPTAIN Jack Hughes

Rudd's New Selection - With Billy Williams as Jack Regan

A Shocking Night - With Clark Comstock as Jack Lane

Souls on the Road - With Chôjû Sugisawa as Lumberjack 1, and with Jun Yuri as Lumberjack 2

Tangled Trails - With Neal Hart as Jack Borden... CORPORAL Jack Borden

The Witching Hour - With Elliott Dexter as Jack Brookfield

The Bootleggers - With Walter Miller as Jack Seville

The Call of the East - With Walter Tennyson as Jack Verity

The Crimson Circle - With Rex Davis as Jack Beardmore

Dr. Jack - With Harold Lloyd as Dr. 'Jack' Jackson

Face to Face - With Coit Albertson as Jack Weston

The First Woman - With Lloyd Hammond as Jack Gordon

Fox Farm - With Cameron Carr as Jack Rickerby

A Front Page Story - With Tom McGuire as Jack Peeler

The Girl Who Ran Wild - With Lloyd Whitlock as Jack Velvet

The Great Night - With Wade Boteler as Jack Denton

The Gypsy Trail - With Art Acord as Jack Martin... RCMP

Herren der Meere - Mitt Harry De Loon als Jack Elmore

In the Days of Buffalo Bill - With William Knight as Jack Casement

Is Matrimony a Failure? - With Walter Hiers as Jack Hoyt

L'écuyère - Avec Henry Houry son Jack Corbin

Little Miss Smiles - With Gaston Glass as Dr. Jack Washton

Lure of Gold - With Neal Hart as Jack Austin

Nancy from Nowhere - With (A.) Edward Sutherland as Jack Halliday

The Old Homestead - With T. Roy Barnes as Happy Jack

Open Country - With Bertram Burleigh as Jack Senhouse

Paid Back - With Stuart Holmes as Jack Gregory

Pardon My Nerve! - With Joe Harris as Jack Harpe

Perils of the Yukon - With William Desmond as BOTH Jack Merrill Sr. AND Jack Merrill Jr.!  Multi-tasker extreme!!

South of Northern Lights - With Neal Hart as Jack Hampton

Tillie - With Allan Forrest as Jack Fairchild

Too Much Wife - With T. Roy Barnes as Jack Morgan

The Trail of Hate - With J. Gordon Russell as Jack Beecker

Two Men - With Tom Santschi as Jack Mason

The Unfoldment - With Raymond Cannon as Jack Nevin

West of the Pecos - With Neal Hart as Jack Laramie

What's Wrong with the Women? - With Rod La Rocque as Jack Lee

Beasts of Paradise - With Joe Bonomo as Big Jack

The Belle of Kenosha - With Gordon Swarthout as Jack Hampton

The Bishop of the Ozarks - With Rose Melville as Mrs. Jack Armstead

Blow Your Own Horn - With Warner Baxter as Jack Dunbar

Broadway Broke - With Pierre Gendron as Jack Graham

The Call of the Canyon - With Mervyn LeRoy as Jack Rawlins

The Cheat - With Robert Schable as Jack Hodge

Cyclone Jones - With Fred Burns as Jack Thompson

Defying Destiny - With Monte Blue as Jack Fenton... and with Laura Ames as Jack Fenton's Aunt

Diadalmas élet - Avec Lajos Bonis son Jack... Inas

Does It Pay? - With Walter Petri as Jack Weston

The Eagle's Talons - With Fred Thomson as Jack Alden

The Eternal Struggle - With Anders Randolf as Capt. Jack Scott

The Fighting Strain - With Neal Hart as Jack Barlow

For You My Boy - With Matty Roubert as Jack Melford... but also with Schuyler White as Jack Austin!!!  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE............................

The Forbidden Range - With Neal Hart as Jack Wilson

The Girl of the Golden West - With Russell Simpson as Jack Rance

The Go-Getter - With Fred Huntley as Jack Morgan

Hoodman Blind - With David Butler as Jack Yeulette

Jack Sheppard - With Will West as Jack Sheppard

Le Sang D'Allah - Avec Henri Rollan son Jack Heverly... mais aussi avec Marthe Vinot comme La Soeur de Jack.  Ce qui compte?

The Mailman - With Dave Kirby as Jack Morgan

Mine to Keep - With Francis Ford as Jack Deering

Pioneer Trails - With Cullen Landis as Jack Dale... AND as Jack Plains!

Regeneration - With M. C. Maxwell as Jack Roper

Rustlin' - With Jay Morley as Deputy Sheriff Jack Alden

Sansone - Con Angelo Ferrari come Jack Brachart

The Seventh Sheriff - With Richard Hatton as Jack Rockwell

The Silent Command - With Rogers Keene as Jack Decatur

Skid Proof - With Buck Jones as Jack Darwin

The Spoilers - With Ford Sterling as 'Slapjack' Simms

Temptation - With Bryant Washburn as Jack Baldwin

Thundering Dawn - With J. Warren Kerrigan as Jack Standish

The Velvet Woman - With Lionelle Howard as Jack Merton

The West~Bound Limited  - With David Kirby as Jack Smith

When Odds are Even - With William Russell as Jack Arnold

Wild Bill Hickok - With James Farley as Jack McQueen

The Wild Party - With Freeman Wood as Jack Cummings

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