Monday, May 08, 2006

Box Office Incursion

Gotcha, Indy! Well, out of fairness, it is the Holy Grail we're talking about here. Gotta keep things succinct here, but let's take a peek at the Box Office this week.

M.I.3 over RV,
They both Stick It to An American Haunting.
U93 survives the Meltdown,
Scissors beat Paper, Silence swallows the Laughter,
Akeelah and the Bee, ah who gives a Hoot.

What else? Oh yeah, the Token Englishman is back on The Daily Show, and his name is Dave Gorman. Must be another protegé of Ricky Gervais.

Well, Poseidon is on the horizon, as well as some other very expensive blockbusters which escape me now... damn unions! But we'll save that for another time, as I'm awfully tired right now. But we'll be back with more of Don't Look into the Camera Month here at the Movie Hooligan blog. Incidentally, if any of you out there have any requests, any scenes where someone looks right into that ol' camera, I'll try to dig them up for you. Don't be shy! :)

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