Saturday, May 13, 2006

Curse of the Ruling Class

This scene from The Never-Ending Story (the first one!) was a little more intense than I remembered. I'm sorry, I mean Unendliche Geschichte, Die for my many, many Deutschland friends. But the point is, it maintains its relevance for two reasons: one being Poseidon, Wolfgang's latest film, and two, Hillary's cropping up again as the 2008 Presidential candidate. My god! Is sixty still the new thirty? I don't know how the Dems in general feel about her candidacy, and I was against it myself, but I don't know. I think if we're gonna fail, we should fail big. After all, this isn't 1988 we're talking about here! The Clintons had a good attack machine.. rather, Attack Response Machine back in '92; why wouldn't they still have that? Besides, someone's gotta help out the flailing publishing industry. Anyway, if we're really in a fight, it's not just at election time; it's every day, not every two years. Purchasing recycled products, writing your congressman, that kinda crap. Can someone help me out here?

Meanwhile, a rare case where the darkness crosses over to the light: Richard Perle recently braved the wilds of the Al Franken radio show on Air America Radio. I gotta hand it to Franken, he managed not to sink into that swamp of ambiguous indignance. His contention this, and his contention that; kinda sounded like Ed Klein a bit! Oh, why do people pick on Dick Cheney so much? He accepted Harry Whittington's apology, didn't he? The plain and simple fact is, no one really knows anything about Iraq, so Richard Perle must be right! That's what I took away from that interview, anyway.
What else? Speaking of the darkness, as I got my tires changed recently, I read about a fella by the name of John Rowe. He kinda looks like Karl Rove (Carl with a K? How gay is that?) only he's a nuclear boy. Originally put on nuclear detail as a punishment from his bosses (at some anonymous law firm - they're all the same), J.R. took those nuclear lemons and made U-238 Lemonade. Well, I just hope tritium isn't too toxic! It's all going into our drinking water, folks. Just what we need, more trash we don't know what to do with. (I cite Superman 4 because it's part of the plot, not because the movie itself is trash ... or is it?) The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that John Rowe doesn't exist.
Boy, whoever came up with that psychedelic font thingie used for security purposes to prevent spam posting must be worth freakin' billions! A house on the hill, with a tram down to the guest house, and all such flippedy-crapple like that. The art of twisting letters just enough so's that people can still read's 'em! Wicked!!

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