Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our Persian Incursion

As our CEO President decides how to market his plan on which country to bomb next, the Administration continues to drop the bar further and further in their game of Fear Limbo. As of now, it's "Our National Anthem should only be sung in English... NOT SPANISH!!" What's next? My money's on "Only ketchup on hot dogs. No mustard." Oh, and don't even get me started on Freedom Fries. You know what they put on French fries in Holland? Oh yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about!
Not that it should be a law, or a Constitutional Amendment or anything, they're just saying that's how it should be. Maybe they'll try floating the whole gay marriage thing again next week. If they can't make it seem like new, no one can.
Anyway, the first thing I recorded 15 months ago on my DVD recorder was a Daily Show report called "Let's Go! Bomb Iran..." One of the things the report said was that there's no Saddam-level villain in Iran. Fortunately, now there is, with the help of publications like The Economist. Damn you, Ahmadinejad! I had no opinion of the man until I read in the online USA Today that he's launched a scathing verbal assault on the state of Israel. (Hopefully, the hyperlink's still fresh by the time someone else reads this.) Why, he's mentioning Hitler more than South Park! Well, whatever it takes for the Mossad to disable Iran's nuclear capability, I'm in favor of it. I don't think it's something the USA is capable of handling right now; at least, until we get either a Clinton or another Democrat in the White House. Then the Republicans can go back to grumbling about how well the economy's doing. OTOH, my stock profile's gone up a little bit this year! Not enough to retire, but at least it's not going down!
Just had a hilarious sketch on SNL with Kenan as Colin Powell as Sanford. Oh, Kenan's good, but what the hell happened to Kel?
Oh but let's get on with the movie news. Carl Hiaasen has finally moved out of Tobias Wolff territory and launched his second feature pic called Hoot. Hey, Carl, what with your tangential relationship with Jimmy Buffett and all, can you even doubt your next book will be about a certain energy credit company? ...too tangential a relationship? Okay, skip it.
Was there something else? Guess not, although everyone seems to be talking now about how Tom Cruise made 100 million off of War of the Worlds. Wow, he is a genius! Wonder how much Spielberg made! Probably not that much. They can't all make 100 million. So remember, future film actors, producing is where the real money's made!
Okay, it's past my bedtime. Gotta go. But let's check in with NCFOM. More names!! Josh Brolin? Boy, the Coens HAVE gone Hollywood! :)

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