Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Major Box Office Happenings...

Man! Just not enough hours in the day, and I just can't do this while watching my beloved Colbert Report. Relegation! That's how all the true successes of this world achieve great things. And speaking of great things, Tom Cruise must be gratified that his M:I-III is #1 champ for at least two weeks now. However, with only 85 million dollars in toto, they've only covered the cost of the film stock and the internet advertising! Better put on your marching boots, Tommy, it's gonna be a long slog through this long hot summer, and you're wearing that 50 pound Army backpack all the way. After all, look what's on the horizon: Da Da Vinci Code, my friend!!! Biggest movie of the decade... okay, so it's a slow decade.
What else? The other newbies aren't doing so well so far. Poseidon, pretty good at 22 mil, while Just My Luck wasn't as lucky. Were they hoping this film would advertise itself? They needed to win back all those burned by The Love Bug, heh heh...
What else? Ice Age Part Deux almost at 200 million... I swear there's payola in the distribution bizness; all the distributors wanna see this glacier cross that 200 million barrier, just like they let Me Myself & Irene cross the 100 million barrier. Took long enough! ...never mind, guess I rmemembered it differently.
What else? An American Haunting at #5... guess it really is the summer movie season, where people actually want to be entertained in stead of scared. ...what? Alot is a word, now, right? Why can't instead become two words? Anyway, it's done so well, stay tuned for the sequel: An American Haunting in Paris.
Okay, that's it for me. My garlic bread is burning up in the oven. See you next week for Tom's last hurrah!

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