Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I loves you Amelie! (Don't let them take me...)

Anybody missed me? I didn't think so. Waah. I don't think I've ever taken a hiatus that long since I've been on here! Well, maybe once before, but that was it. Sorry, baby! I was busy, but you know I'm not like all those other guys that lay false claim to loving you. They would've just put up that picture of you with your Creme Brulee spoon like savages but not me! I know there's more to you than just that Fourth Wall, baby! C'mon! You know I love ya baby. You know I didn't mean to let "A Very long engagement" slip from my mental To-Watch List! I didn't see The Princess and the Warriour either baby! I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean that. I need your ethereal guidance, baby! I got lost childhood treasures, too! From my days of living in rural France... well, at least, the French part of Los Angeles. It's the same thing! Heading down to the Bread-oteau Boulangerie in the afternoons and the proprieter would always give me a free baguette, and I could barely carry it all the way home... Yeah, those were the days.
Ah, what's the point of pretending. Besides, I'm not ready to start a family yet. That's right, I'm getting that cynical about love. Or am I? The world always seems to open more opportunities to the married with kids, doesn't it? At least with the tax breaks and all. And it does make me think of that quote from the Simpsons where Patty (or is it Selma? Even I, a die hard Simpsons fan, get the two mixed up) says "Making a baby isn't supposed to be hard work. It's supposed to be an expression of the feelings we're SUPPOSED to have for each other!" Incidentally, it was the only episode where someone else did the voice of Fat Tony, but I'm just not sure who. And I care not to speculate.
Anyway, I'm kinda glad that X3 kicked ass at the box office this weekend. A victory for Secularia over the more religious Oceania! Because that's how the USA rolls these days. Only thing is I think Bryan Singer's going to direct Rush Hour 3. That's the only corollary. I mean, aw c'mon Amelie baby! I didn't mean nothin' by it! I want the Da Vinci Code to do well, too! I'm just sayin' you'll always be Amelie to me!
Okay, I've done enough damage...

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