Thursday, June 01, 2006

Meany, beany, Gandalf-ini

Hold the phone! Stop the presses... My prayers answered: the UNRATED version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Finally, Shiloh Nouvel's conception caught on film! For some reason I didn't think they'd pander like that. Then again, we're not talking about Syriana here or anything. Incidentally, when's that coming out?

On video, that is... Looks like the sequel's already in the works. Ayn Rand gives me a boner!

Anyway, what does Gandalf care? They're running the next crop of Da Vinci ads (see it again for the First Time, you know the drill), but his X3's the Lord of the Box Office now! (maniacal laughter) Boy, his career's really going to take off now! Doogal? Wow! That's a shock. He could've owned that movie.

Meantime, I'm about to unleash on the world my New Rat Pack Theory. Things are happening. We'll need a Venn Diagram to explain it all, for one, and some kick-ass graphics. Meanwhile, it's official: Maxim magazine sez The Break-Up is great! I can't believe they didn't like Tomcats. It was made just for them! Guess we've finally grown up as a nation and moved on to fare like, well, like The Break-Up. Yes, the Frat Boy wave(olution?) of the late 90s has finally crashed on the shore like so much white powder... Let's check in on NCFOM ... Damn! The leads are STILL in negotiations! Well, they've got their work cut out for them as it is. If Josh Brolin's playing the part I think he's playing, they can do some of the scene where the guy first stumbles on the briefcase... oops! I forgot. Spoiler alert. :) Better get to bed now before I do much more damage.

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