Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congrats! 100 entries

Sorry, this was the only movie-related 100 I could think of, and I think it knocked all the other 100's out of my head. Yes, it's true! This is our 100th episode of The Movie Hooligan blog. A cause for celebration! And how to celebrate? I'm not sure myself. This site doesn't have the best navigation in the world but I guess we could always look back, but do it yourself, please. I'm too tired.
Well, here's a thought! Okay, I confess, so I checked out the DVD of Throw Momma from the Train from my local video purveyours. I did try to make a copy of it but my computer wouldn't let me. Damn copyright laws! See, here's how I think it should be. Once all the parties involved have made all the money they're going to make off a movie like, well, TMFTT, for example, why not remove all that Copyright Protection mumbo-jumbo and see where the private sector takes it? I mean, let's face it, not everyone's going to want a copy of this turkey, am I right? These days it's all Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Incidentally, why isn't every other line of dialogue in that movie just something along the lines of "You know, Angelina, you look damn sexy - you are aware of this, right?" In case no one else has beaten me to the punch, when they remake Throw Momma I think it should be Owen Wilson in the Danny DeVito role and Luke Wilson in the Billy Crystal role. Good brotherly dynamic. Why, I can just picture Owen in Cars right now: "C'mon, Newman! Ya gotta lighten up, man! I mean, look @ us! We're a couple of cars here! Driving! You know?"
Other movie news: Bee Movie's still a work in progress. I know these Pixar-type pics are a lot of work, but puh-lease! At least we now have a timetable. I just assumed there were script problems, even though he's got some of the finest minds from Seinfeld working on it. Even the Simpsons hit a snag every now and again, right?
And now, the only movie news I care about: NCFOM - Ah! Looks like there were successful negotiations after all. You won't regret it, Tommy Lee. They've been showing U.S. Marshals lately on cable. While that was good, I think this will be a little meatier role for you. That's right, even more so than Double Jeopardy. Who knows? Time for another Oscar, maybe? What's this? Now Tim Blake Nelson's in negotiations? Hey, the Coens made you, buddy! Yeah, I know you're a director, too, but I'm sorry. Kansas and Eye of God weren't going to put you over the top.
Oh yeah. Finally saw the all-grown-up Peter Billingsley. You remember him! A Christmas Story? And I'll be damned if they don't pay some kind of homage to it in The Break-Up. That's perfunctory these days in movies, like David Hasselhoff in the upcoming Click. Guess Shatner was busy.
Okay, it's time to go. Thanks for all the support, people! Keep watching... :(

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