Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You know what's not hot? Reruns.

Oh, Letterman, you dog! What would Drew Barrymore say? Yes, that's naughty newbie Paris Hilton parading herself around on Dave's little dog and pony show for what, the third time? I love how she says she's busy working. Well, I do know she likes to earn her own money. That estate tax is going to bite her in the ass someday, better plan ahead now. Guess it also explains the recent cover of ... I think it was U.S. News and World Report, decrying retirement. Apparently it's not enough for people to enjoy retirement anymore; they still gotta work. C'mon, Republicans! Come out and say it! You hate retirees! All those people who say they don't have to work anymore, they've paid their dues in years and it's time to relax and enjoy life. It eats you up inside, don't it?
Meanwhile, on The Daily Show, they showed this Rob Corddry report called ... damn! Must be having too much sugar again. It's about high gas prices, and they first showed it on May 31st, 2005, then again that November (slightly edited, perhaps for time; when he drives away from the bicycle chick they cut off the car running out of gas again), and now yesterday (they showed the original uncut version that day). You might say they're getting good ... mileage ... out of it! (drumroll) After all, it's not the years - it is the miles, and besides, it's more timely than ever. But 2.59 per gallon only a year ago? Only on the Republican's watch. But I guess that's not fair. I'm sure someone will show that Carter was just as beholden to the oil companies as Dubya, if not more so. Who needs evidence these days? Just saying it is enough.
I had a third part to this fiasco, but again, didn't write it down. Oh, how things slip from memory these days. Yes, Letterman once said to Jeff Altman in fact, that the chemical that converts short term memory to long term memory isn't produced in as great a quantity as it is just after birth, when young minds need to absorb as much as they can about this crazy world we live in. Well, maybe this was it... as I was working today, I thought to myself, I wonder if in the new Superman movie, if Superman will fly over someone's house and the owner comes out and says "Excuse me, could you not fly over my house please?"

GRAND HEFT AUTO! That was it...

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