Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kiss Your 4th Wall Goodbye!

Ah'm back, baby! After a well-deserved rest I am energized and ready to tackle this new month with an invigorated vigor... something like that. Anyway, the theme of this month is Don't Look in the Camera Month, where we highlight, nay, honor, in jpeg form, various moments in film when the characters in the movie ever so gently puncture that 4th wall, addressing the audience directly. If I missed one of your favorites, please feel free to post a comment! While I'm glad to have the spammers back, sometimes it's just not enough, people! (wiping away a tear)
People, how did we ever live without the word upgrade? While we're waiting for the upgraded MI3 to blast its way into theaters, the Lions Gate horror revolution is still determinedly on the march. I mean, these heart transplants don't pay for themselves, am I right? I swear I heard he was involved in this... Anyway, we have See No Evil in our midst, just on the heels of Saw 3. In fact, I thought it was Saw 3 I was seeing the TV spot for! ...drat, guess we have to wait 'til Halloween for it. Well, that's planning for you. Also, we have An American Haunting to look forward to. And, unlike See No Evil, there's actually some names in the cast! Cool! Zoe Thorne plays Theny Thorne... boy, are screenwriters overworked these days or what? I haven't seen anything quite like it since Buscemi in Desperado!
Don't worry, I'll make a trilogy out of this yet. While we're waiting for Zion 4, I couldn't help but notice a recent proliferation of Exorcist-ish movies on my cable. Why, Wm. Peter Blatty must be rolling in his grave! So let me get this straight, there's Dominion and E:TB both starring my man Peter Skarsgard! Apparently, Dominion actually got a theatrical release, but people were confused and thought, I just saw this movie, like, yesterday! How unfair that types like Renny Harlin are so prolific!
In other horror news, Hoodwinked is already out on DVD! Damn, that was quick. I mean, for a non-black market DVD release. Well, seemed quick to me, anyway. Who knows how long this was in the making. This kind of thing may hurt Over the Hedge, but what do I care?
Well, hat's about it for me. One blogger can only do so much against Hollywood. Why, did you know that it's not even a real town? :)

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