Sunday, April 30, 2006

Box Office: 28 April 2006 (Sunday Estimates)

Well, probably won't be able to do it justice in this short amount of time, but I gotta get in one last April Eyes picture from... what else? 2001! It's like cinema's Pet Sounds or Sgt. Pepper, although the reputation of those two goes largely unquestioned. Sure, maybe 2001's over-rated, but that and Strangelove are in my humble opinion the only things of Kubrick's that deserve to be. And The Shining. Or is it the Killing? I can't remember.
Anyway, to the business of current Box office business. We'll do it cumulative-ly this time. Coming in at #1 total it's IA2 with a whopping 178 mill. This means some of the Blue Sky people are now moving into the same gated community as the PDI people; not quite at the Pixar neighborhood yet. While only at #7 with 7.05 mill this week, on the plus side Robots is all over HBO right now, although there is no plug in that movie for IA2, as far as I know.
In a very distant second cumulatively is SM4 with a whopping 78.2 mill total, making only 7.81 mill this weekend bringing it in at #5. Clearly, not as impacting as SM3. Oh well. C'est la vie.
#3 cumulative brings us The Benchwarmers, (#10, 4.4mil) dropping us down even farther to 52.8 mill total. Well, school's not out yet. We got big summer blockbusters on the horizon, and Happy Madison surely has an offering for the other side of summer. Oh yeah! Click! And maybe a Rob Schneider pic to clean up the Autumn trailings. Who knows?
#4 on the cumulative total chart is Silent Hill, still screaming up a blood-curdling yell at the box office to the total tune of ... 34.2 mil? Man! Glad I didn't take points on that one! Oh yeah, it's also #4 looking at it the other way. Same as The Sentinel, being #6 cumulatively and of the week. Nuff said.
As for #5, it's part of the new Pixar ghetto, The Wild, which will move in with Doogal and Valiant. Chicken Little's just moved out, I guess, but the sequel's bought a place already. What the hell, I think Antz is there, too! heh heh...
#6: right, see above. Lucky #7, alas, Slevin's gone, but RV has moved in, baby! Okay, it's not posting MIB range opening numbers, but it's number one ne'theless. Sonnenfeld's back and better than ever! Still, it only beat out United 93 by only 5 million dollars. Are you telling me America's ready to cry?
#9 and #10 bring us Stick it and Akeelah and the Bee, respectively. Well, it took 6 years, but the writer of Bring it On has done it again! And only after Take the Lead took leave of the Top 10. Oh sure, the presence of Jeff Bridges helped, but don't kid yourself. There's a Peregrym Falcon flying high over this box office baby, and she's not leaving like Julia Stiles did... well, actually, she'll be leaving EXACTLY like Julia Stiles did. She'll do her Save the Last Dance, a couple ensemble pics with Julia Roberts, then just sink into oblivion altogether, and Mekhi Phifer won't return her calls. I mean, whazzup w/dat? As for Akeelah, a sequel is already in the works where she joins the professional Karaoke circuit. I believe the working title is Karao-keelah, something like that. Subject to change at this point. We'll know by next week.
Well, I've done enough damage for one week. Stay tuned for next week's cinematic horse race; I know I will!!!! :)

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