Sunday, April 09, 2006

Auteur Watch: DAVID DENEEN

That's right! You heard me. David Deneen. His credits are a little hard to find, as they are not all at the IMDb. Still trying to get a full blown feature pic deal off the ground, he has managed to find the time to do the occasional acclaimed short as well as the occasional beer commercial just to pay the bills. But he'll always have that Mighty Acorn that grew this mighty oak which stands before you now. Ah'm talkin' bout his entry into The Blue Racer hall of fame, right alongside Sid Marcus, Hawley Pratt, and whoever else worked on those, in an entry apparently farmed out to his native New Zealand/Australia, "Aches and Snakes". Who does he think he is, Steven Paul? Check out the wicked-ass animators names!! The backgrounds are a little funkier than other DFE Productions, but hey! Variety is the spice of life, is it not? After all, freedom isn't free. These aphorisms can't live in a vacuum! But enough about Rocko's Modern Life...
So, while Kraal may be behind him, there is Guests ahead of him; kinduva Desperate Hours in Sydney kind of thing but without the luxury of Kelly Lynch's ample bosom to sell tickets. Well, I may be the only one pulling for ya, Dave, but still.. Give 'em Hell! Stick it to Roger Donaldson and his ilk already in the loving embrace of that great Inner Circle of Auteurs! You'll make it yet, or do you not want it bad enough?

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