Sunday, April 30, 2006

C'mon, learn to laugh at yourself, you idiot

While we're waiting to see how much money RV raked in... I'll be very surprised if United 93 beats it out. If it does, Barry Sonnenfeld's threatening to re-release Big Trouble out of protest.
Anyway, big weekend for my man Stephen Colbert! SNL last night had a tribute to Robert Smigel's ever growing cartoon library, hosted by Ace and Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Duo, one of whom is voiced by Stephen Colbert, who worked on Strangers with Candy, that Comedy Central show that must've featured a cameo with Kevin Bacon at one time or another... Oh, what an incestuous little talent pool they all live in. But let me briefly backtrack to Strangers with Candy, some episodes of which were directed by Adam Bernstein who directed that obscurest of all SNL movies, It's Pat, featuring the not-so-androgynous Julia Sweeney, who just confessed on public radio that she skimmed the Catholic Church's collection plates for years! Well, just shows to go you what kind of secular operation they're running there! Benny Hinn and all his ilk would NEVER let that kind of thing happen!
Where was I? Oh yeah. Well, Stephen kicked a little kiester at the White House Correspondent's Dinner last night. We feared for him at first: Dubya actually had a strong opening with help from Steve Bridges, the luckiest bastard in the SAG. I still like that line on Leno; they did a Final Jeopardy sketch where the answer was 1492, and Dubya's question was "When was the War of 1812?" So there was Steve Bridges with the president, and they killed. Makes me wonder who wrote their material. Although I must say C-Span will be getting a call from James Baker for showing all of Clinton's previous performances at previous White House Correspondents dinners. More Bush, please! And then came Stephen, all guns a-blazin'. He musta did it for the people, because the audience was pretty quiet. In fact, there was kind of an icy reception to his liberal quips, kind of like a glacier, which is something you'll have to tell your grandkids about. But c'mon! He tried to be fair and balanced! Take, for example, that potshot at the White House correspondents: they should take some time off and work on that novel they've been kicking around: the one about the intrepid White House correspondent that asks probing questions of the president... you know! Fiction! Yes, the press is keeping it as quiet as possible, but don't worry. We're about 36 hours away from full coverage of the blessed event on Comedy Central. They'll give us the what's what. Apparently George Clooney was in the audience at the time, maybe he'll stop by and say hi to Colbert. That'd be cool. Incidentally, Clooney, what's with all the public appearances? Get back to work!

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