Friday, April 07, 2006


Arthur wanted to say something, but kept silent, took the Army Colt
he thought, and he smiled. His race to learn had begun.
Austin isn't a bad guy, he's got the right mix of courage and ...

Oh wait. A little something from my latest spam email. And that brings us right to the SEX ISSUE! And if this doesn't get me kicked off, nothing will. Frist of all, (and what's HE doing on the IMDb, anyway? Even Alan Simpson was in Dave! Oh, things are still going to hell...) there is of course the sleazy guy in Homeland Security who's in handcuffs right now ... don't encourage him! The way I see it, it's all a ploy so Dubya can say "See? Homeland Security just doesn't work! In fact, I think it was all Clinton's idea, originally." I forget the guy's name, but it's not Brian Doyle-Murray. All right, moving on.
Meanwhile, in other news, I managed to peruse some of the latest issue of Teen People magazine. One of the grabber headlines is "What's your sex I.Q.?" I don't think Dubya should read the article. Him and his abstinence-only buddies would be very, very depressed by it. Either that, or ickily turned on by it. Shakira was on the cover. Good for you, girl! You don't need plastic surgery. Heck, if you've gotten this far without it. Don't be like Cher or Jacko.
Oh my Lord, AFV is on. Something evil about that show, that constant unrelenting flow of video. Puts the Riddler's Box in perspective. But you gotta love the animals. And a victory for Tom Bergeron, a very respectable addition to the show, but I think they should never got rid of Daisy Fuentes.
In other news, movie news in particular, Ray Romano is still trying to make himself into the Queen of the Indie circuit with his gonzo comedy entry, 95 miles to go. Hey! What about your twins? It was directed by Tom Caltabiano; he's good, but he's no Michel Gondry, or even Thomas Schlamme.
Meanwhile, I don't watch South Park, but I did catch some of an episode where they go after Family Guy, and I gotta say there was some good writing in there. They didn't do Peter's laugh, though. Too bad, they should've.
Hey! On PBS they're showing Capra's last, Pocketful of Miracles with CPA Peter Falk on acting and narrating duties. Why does that make me think of an Otto Preminger flick?
Oh yeah, and Spiely's gone skankin' into the Reality Show TV game. Does he feel that threatened? C'mon, guy! Get crankin' on IJ4 already! ...Jeff Nathansan out? Ouch! David Koepp in; well, War of the Worlds was pretty bangin'. I liked it, anyhow, Tomkat or not. Note to David: talk to Stephen about going on Papa Bear's Show. A blatant desperate cry for attention. Not good.
Oh yeah, and Thank you, Harry Taylor.

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