Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brrr! Oh, the Frozen Box Office Tundra

Welp, 50 million John Leguizamo fans can't be wrong, as Ice Age 2 once again gleams the cube at the Box Office, being not only #1 of the week, but #1 overall, and according to CNN it's the first flick to reach 100 million this year! Something depressing about that, but I can't put my finger on it, and probably don't want to... or my tongue, lest it get stuck and frozen in the process.
Coming in at #2 it's Benchwarmers, The with 19.7 million, making it 5th overall. Not bad! I guess they decided to leave the Caddyshack-esque Happy Madison vanity logo off of the TV spots, given the disastrous performance of this year's earlier effort, Grandma's Boy. But kudos to all the usual Happy Madison players, like Subway Guy Jon Lovitz and Adam Sandler, and hopefully this won't hurt Molly Sims' career too much.
At #3 it's Take the Lead with 12.1 mill, making it 7th overall. Having Antonio Banderas on SNL the same weekend helped a little bit. I wonder exactly how much it helped? And couldn't Melanie have been on hand for the proceedings? She's done the show! She could've given pointers...
Coming in at #4 it's Inside Man with 9.13 mil, giving it 66 mil total, making it #3 in the cumulative rankings. Why, Spike hasn't had this big a hit since ... since ... Bamboozled?
Rounding out the Top 5, that place where most news outlets grow disinterested with the box office returns, it's that new mindf--- entry into the genre Lucky Number Slevin. More people would've gone to see it, but they didn't know how to say the name!!! Owch...

We'll plow ahead, ne'theless. Five more to go! #6 gives us FTL which is 2nd in overall raking-in-of Big Box-Office Buckaroos. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THAT MOVIE?? While it's not yet posting Wedding Crashers-caliber numbers, maybe that big time TV critic could still do a special about this one, and how it's become this phenomenon that just won't die.
At lucky #7 it's ATL. Guess I still don't care. ...but I will give it up for Antwone Fisher! You go, Script Doctor Man!
At #8 it's V for Vendetta. (4th overall...) What can you say? This turkey's got legs! And apparently making the movie was an enjoyable enough experience that all the cast and crew voted it into the IMDb Top 250. And when you get right down to it, isn't that worth so much more? Not to spoil any surprises, but this has already spawned plans for a sequel, maybe two. The next one will be called MV for More Vendetta. Now, how can you argue with that?
At #9 it's Phat Girlz with only a small appetite for box office dollars, raking in a low-caloric 3.11 million. Making it 10th overall, cumulonimbus! Whazzup w/dat? The way I see it, in my own narrow way, either people are still recovering from Madea, or they should've had Anthony Anderson in the movie for balance of energy.
and finally at #10, 9th overall, it's Thank you for Smoking. I wonder if the filmmakers expected it to do this well. Well, it's doing better than Basic Instinct 2, that's for sure! Maybe BI2's bigger overseas. Maybe not. Maybe in 20 years it'll be seen as a classic, at which point they'll complete the trilogy. The point being: M. C-J, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Well, that's about it for me, and this week at the Box Office. Oh why, oh why does it take so long for next week to arrive?

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