Friday, April 28, 2006

Quick Check-In

Nope, didn't have their computer. And I didn't want to borrow someone's laptop and consequently blow my cover. But alas I'm on the move again! So just some quick updates.
The big news story today is that Dubya wants the National Anthem to be sung in English. First of all, duh. Second, some British music producer must've produced a Spanish version. Third, if I remember correctly, didn't the Democrats at their last convention have Native Americans sing the anthem in their respective native tongues? Nice to know freedom fries are never too far off. I don't know; if Republicans run businesses like they run government... All I know is, I'm not big on handouts, but I want that $100 gas coupon! Question: are they watching, or do I absolutely have to spend it on gas?
What else? The saturation bombing campaign for RV continues unabated, but at least they haven't resorted to calling him Robin Villiams. Concurrently, radio ads for United 93 suggest that no one under 17 should be admitted without guardian; for that matter, no one over 5 either. Too soon! Too soon...
Well, while I'm waiting for Paris, je t'aime, I guess I'll just have to wait for another collaborative effort, the 1 second film. This caught my attention because Pauly Shore is one of the producers. I don't know if he contributed enough to be an executive producer, but after hearing that people's contributions range from 1 dollar on up, I think I know how much he could afford to give! heh heh heh...

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