Friday, April 21, 2006

Django Depp

Oh yeah, speaking of our last photo I meant to look and see if Nicky Katt is related to William Katt. Apparently not. Then again, I thought Redd and Jamie were related. My local video store had Harlem Nights under Drama! Good thinking...
A recent periodical said there's 114 summer movies to prepare for! Let's see, if we figure on 5 movies a day... yeah, I could take a whole month off to do that! But for the REAL word of mouth dope on a movie... I mean, nothing sells a movie in advance like passionate word-of-mouth just downstream from some source of serious anticipation, and the grapevine sez that Johnny Depp is going to portray Django Reinhardt in an upcoming flick. Noth8ing about it on the IMDb yet, though. Guess he's too busy working or something. Man, something's gone hay-wry with my typing lately! Must be the alzheimer's kicking in from staring at computer screens for all these years, with cellphones taped to each side of my head.
Hard to find that kind of stuff on the web without wading through irrelevant searches for hours and hours. Another example: I was thinking about a cartoon I saw a long long time ago, must've been one of those sick & twisted animation spectaculars you can only see in theaters. And there was this French cartoon; I mean, it just HAD to be French, right? And it was all about butts! How cars have butts and pollute the air with their farts, and they show these ships that have butts, and planes with butts, and steamboats with butts, and spaceships with butts, all spewing CO2 farts. It was really remarkable how thoroughly someone studied all mechanized things that have butts, and they all would turn in rapid succession at the camera to show their naked butts and zoom off into the sunset, farting all the way! It seemed to go on for ages, and lemme tell you, those sick & twisted crowds won't go for just anything. Even they knew Beavis & Butt-Head had hit written all over it. But back to the butts. So everything's got a butt and spews toxic inorganic waste into the air, and finally we end with a baby boy who takes a crap on the nice living room rug, and he gets spanked for it. I guess even then I kinda didn't totally buy the argument, but I had an appreciation for where they were coming from, the filmmakers living in a dysfunctional family and all. There's just not enough time to spank all the polluting butts out there. I am but one man! I forget if the film included mercury-spweing butts or butts that excreted depleted uranium.
Anyway, I'd be very surprised if anyone anywhere out there could find something about this mystery film! Even the makers probably won't come forward on that one.
On a slightly more positive note, there was this wordy animated film that came out a while ago, and singers (gay chorus?) sang about not having an agent in L.A. ...Found something! At least, about the sequel that's, frankly, in my humble opinion (IMHO?) better. We Love It! It's Buzzco. Can't believe I found something about these. I'm sorry, it's spelled Buzzzco. So what's Candy Kugel, chopped liver? :)
All right, enough about them. But check those out if you can. And send me a copy. Or maybe I can Kazaa it. Anyway, to wrap this up, I was going to include Bill Maher's latest New Rules, but I don't know. It's about how the Democrats should more fully come out as the Environmental Candidates, be more like the Green party, what have you. That they should vilify people more, like that oil doofus who recently retired with the biggest golden jowls you've ever seen! Hoo-eee, that must be all over the web by now. I agree, Dems probably should become more militant, but don't worry. The repubes will be the first to say when we've gone too far. When the Dems regain control of the House and Senate, and the White House, my New Rule is we get to act like Repubs for the next six years, voting in lockstep with our Democratic President, and not doing everything that the Rs want. It'll be like the Clinton years all over again! At least now we know what happens when the Rs spiral out of control. Oh yeah, and hopefully it's not too late to save the planet. Kurt Vonnegut sure doesn't think so.
Ah, The Rock. I don't know. I just don't think Michael Bay is patriotic enough.

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