Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh, great! More Box Office...

I'm going out of town for a while so I gotta keep this short. Although I might be able to make the occasional post where I'm going. I don't got no wirefire or 3.8611, any of that stuff yet. No cellphone to post from either. Hmm! No wonder I'm not getting any hits!
Anyway, to keep it brief, as expected Silent Hill screams up a box office bonanza, even if it is just 20 million. Look out, Mia Farrow! This Radha Mitchell's got your number, girlfriend! SM4 slips slightly to number 2. Don't worry, we'll still see SM4.5 on DVD in 3 months, folks. The Sentinel debuts very respectably at number 3 with 14 mill, and I thought no one would care! It got a big boost from Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. Okay, so the DH's aren't starring in all the hit movies like the Friends did in the 90s, but they're supporting players in all the big hits these days. I'd say that's much more respectable!
Ice Age and The Wild still fighting it out for Silverback status. sigh. When will those two just agree to put their money in a pile and split it?
Take the Lead at 7, Inside Man at 9, yawn. American Dreamz - they might have to hope for future cult status on this one. There's no fooling the dumb crowd, they know it's a sly satire, and they don't cotton to it. I think Willem Dafoe makes a much better Cheney than ... some damn Canuck!!!
And of course, speaking of Friends, Aniston debuts at #10 with Friends with Money, obviously not referring to whoever took points on this, but I think it's already made more money than Derailed did, heh heh...

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