Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Auteur Watch (Hollywood) - Ken Kwapis

So what do you get for the guy who's directed everything? Everything from Sesame Street to Malcolm in the Middle to Larry Sanders? I mean, seriously? A fruit basket? About 5 weeks paid vacation a year? This dude's a dynamo! While never having a really truly breakout cinematic hit, his proudest achievement is probably Beautician and the Beast, even though he had to brave working with Timothy Dalton. Or maybe he's proud of the Panavision cameras of He Said, She Said. But it's all above reproach, really. Especially Vibes, the blatant 80s MTV cash-in attempt that most directors have on their resumé in one way or another.

Give up? I suppose the answer to the question off the top is: yet another stab at box office glory. Sof ar the aughts have provided Mr. Kwapis with all the TV work he can handle and then some. OTOH, he's no Joel Zwick. But he's been able to squeeze in the occasional theatrical release. And so comes License to Wed, the latest entry in Robin Williams' Comeback Tour. So far it ain't the late 80s all over again, when Robin and Levinson were riding high and turning everything to gold, and I mean EVERYTHING, but he's not lean and hungry like he was back then, is he? And this time, it's the hearts and minds of the Christian Right we're trying to win back, and not just the Viet Cong. And I tell you what, if this breaks 100 mill, Mr. Kwapis, it's Travel(l)ing Pants 2 time! And I don't mean direct-to-video, either! Or if you like, you can just produce and Brian Levant'll have to direct! Like a true Hollywood auteur. Heh heh...
p.s.: Not that you'll do it, but with all this new cache you'll have, I happen to have a script that would be perfect for you. It's like All of Me, but it's about a girl who channels the spirit of Ed Sullivan, and I think America Ferrara would be perfect for it... call me!

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