Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello!! What's that?!

Much really need not be said about Galaxy Quest. It's solid family entertainment - fun for the kids, and hip enough for the adults aware of the strife amongst the original Star Trek cast. Director Dean Parisot manages to capture the style of Peter Hyams, only entertaining. Not a lot of fancy swooping VistaGlide 2.0 camera moves like they'd have today. It's one of those films doomed to be stamped with a 3-star rating by the major critics because it's neither a David Lean film nor blatant Oscar bait, but I'll give you a four! My only complaint is the following slight nitpick: they have a clip of the 'Galaxy Quest' show from the early 80s, and the special effects are way too fancy for an 80s show.


so sayeth the Movie Review Hooligan

p.s.: Where they were then: Justin Long (Die Hard 4, Mac commecial guy - he's the Mac!), Rainn Wilson (Office guy; looks like SNL's Bill Hader)

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