Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Title Here, vol. 1

And another week is slipping by again. Not good! But there's so much news in the headlines it's hard to keep up. The Senate is trying to revive their immigration bill, and I just found out that Cindy Margolis finally FINALLY posed in Playboy! Hurrah, America. Can Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera be far behind? Also, Martin Scorsese and Ellen DeGeneres have done an American Express commercial together. And we're a mere 2 1/2 hours away from the premiere of Li'l Bush. Red States, I wouldn't watch if I were you, it'd just be aggravating. A Simpsons alumnus is responsible for this.

Meanwhile, are we ready for a Mormon president? Is America ready for 10 First Ladies? Which brings us to this week's Top 10. At #10 it's Disturbia, still disturbing innocent theater-goers to the tune of ... $524K? PATHETIC!!! Besides, ads for Transformers are already running. Bet that costs way more than 524K already. Only the finest for Michael Bay.

At #9 it's Waitress. And yet, Keri Russell's still not returning Julia Stiles' calls. Even though they've already done, like, five movies together! OMG! Well, it seems like it, anyway.
At #8 it's Spider Man 3. Oh, Spidey! How far we've fallen. I didn't think you'd get to #8 for at least a couple more weeks! Better stave off Part 4 til 2010. Just a thought. Sam, put Jake on speed-dial just in case.
#7 brings us Mr. Brooks. Oh, I guess it really is every comedian's dream to do that big dramatical role and all. And Dane Cook was pretty good, too.
At #6 it's Hostel 2. Bad timing, I think. Eli, you didn't wait long enough for the stench of Grindhouse to clear. Why didn't you wait til Halloween to go up against Saw 4?
All right, that's all I can handle right now. Hope I didn't leave you high and dry. Stay tuned to this blog for more quips.

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