Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bad trip, man. Bad trip.

I dunno. Li'l Bush was good and all, but where's Li'L Rovey? Maybe Season 2, huh? Just another day for JMM, but good job directing, Mr. Cary. You'll be making Groening money before you know it. Meanwhile, Dennis Miller's still trying to revive his career. If Comedy Central can't help do it, no one can. Maybe Spike TV. If Spike'll do it for Pee Wee, they'll do it for anybody!

All right, on to #5. It's Shrek 3, and so far it's slightly ahead of Pirates 3 in total money amassed. You'd think it'd have an advantage being half as long as Pirates 3... Hmm. Must be something wrong.

#4 brings us Surf's Up, this year's Happy Feet. What is it about CGI penguins? I must say that lately I've been coming out of my trailer funk, and this one looked pretty good, although I think the computer animators took some short cuts and used actual footage of killer waves, instead of going the full Nemo.

Knocked Up is still knocking on wood at #3. Guess it's a little more mainstream than 40 Days and 40 Nights. I tell you what, Seth Rogen, if this is still in the top 10 by the time Superbad comes out, you get to meet Spielberg! How's them apples?

PTC3 @ #2. Need more be said? Is Keith coming back for #4?

And finally, O13 takes the cake at #1. Oh sure, they had a big campaign, but they also had an ace up their sleeve: a guest shot by Oprah? Money in the bank, my friends! And for those of you in Oprah's Movie Club that haven't gone to see it yet, shame and double shame on you. Me myself, I haven't seen it yet - did they leave the door open for a fourth installment? I doubt they'll bring back Ellen, though. Just a hunch. Now, you know I hate to do this, but I've gotta call another critic out on this, because they were pickin' on my man Cheadle, saying that he only took this job to pay the rent. Now, why you gotta be bashin' Basher Tarr like dat? Fact is, they're ALL payin' the rent with this one. Clooney, for example, if it weren't for the Ocean's series, wouldn't have a #1 pic for the last 5 years or so. And the 'Yes I Am' beer guy ain't goin' back to the day job, no how. Check and mate. I gotta go ...

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