Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 - In Memoriam

Hah! Are you still writing 2008 on your checks? Me too! But we'll get over this year soon enough. Now 2006, THAT was a forgettable year! Did anything good happen in '06, I ask you? I mean, besides the election. Anyway, let's use my new found data-set to say a fond Goodbye to all those box office casualties that spent only one week on our beloved Top 10. Now I know what you're thinking: you're thinking, but Movie Hooligan! What about films like Blindness? And many others that didn't even make it onto the top 10? Sorry, McKellar, but that's the rules. To get acknowledged here, you had to be at least bad enough to make it into the top 10. Go to Variety for the real killing floor. Oh yeah! Strange Wilderness, too. All that money Happy Gilmore spent and it could only crack #11. Well, like they said, it ain't March of the Penguins, which actually made money.

Ghost Town

Miracle at St. Anna

An American Carol


The Express: The Ernie Davis Story

The Duchess: The Georgianna of Devonshire Story

City of Ember

Sex Drive, or Sexdrive

Punisher: War Zone

Cadillac Records

Nothing like the Holidays

The Spirit

And I'd like to give a brief Shout Out to Milk and Slumdog Millionaire, both of which rebounded after being on the list for only one week, and both of which were independent features that no one expected to crack the top 10 anyway. Also a brief Shout Out to Bangkok Dangerous (2008) which debuted impressively at #1, no surprise there, then dropped to #8, then completely disappeared like the assassin it portrays! Equally impressive.
Also I'd like to point out that my records only go back to August, so the list is dreadfully short. One of the files we lost in the fire, conveniently enough, and I tried to go back through my blog to reconstruct the data set, but inconveniently my blog entries were woefully incomplete. And besides, I don't really care for reading blogs all that much anyway. Yecch!
Happy new year!!

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