Sunday, January 11, 2009

Auteur Watch - Paul Abascal

And back to Auteur Watch! You know, I totally forgot about New Year's Resolutions. That's how sequestered I am! Nothing on Yahoo, none of my friends and associates talked about theirs. Mine is to do Auteur Watch alphabetically this year. Seriously! So let's start at the bottom of the barrel: Paul Abascal. Okay, he's no Albert Pyun, but close enough. Hair stylist to the stars turned director, of all things. Almost like Peter Guber or Jon Peters, one of those two dufuses.. plural being dufii? Anyway, after making a STUNNING silver screen debut and just-as-rapid finish with Mel Gibson's Paparazzi, he did a brief directorial stint on Mel Gibson's Savages TV show. Hey kids! Mel himself might even show up and do some cameos! I think that Savages TV show degraded the Icon Productions logo just a little bit. Not that I care about such things. So where is Mr. Abascal now? Well, he's still laying low, but the latest is his segment for the show America's Most Wanted. Not about him, per se, but about someone named Paul 'Action' Jackson. I used to watch America's Most Wanted, but this was in the days when they made that bust of John List out of canned ham, or something. You know, back when the show was young and fresh, and somehow we didn't care about 1984 and the Big Brother state, but we cared about using the awesome power of TV to catch scrummy bad guys and calling that number, 1-800-Crime-87. The number changed depending on what year it was, you know! Then it just became 1-800-Crime-TV. You know, if America's Most Wanted were in the movies, it'd have to be shut down because they caught the guy that killed John Walsh's kid, because that's the way things work in movies these days. Driven by personal wounds and inner daemons. Live for today. Make the most with what you have. Carpe diem, stay in school. What's the others? Man, it's late. What was I talking about?

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