Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hmm! For some reason I'm getting Mexican emails again. Email in English, damn it! English!
Where was I? Oh yeah! Damn Minesweeper. Must you be so entertaining? Still it's kinda nice to get a week's vacation from the blog. Blogging is such a huge responsibility, and now I'm back to it. #1 this week once again is Marley & Me, no surprise there. Oh sure, Jen and Owen are good and all (do you think they're seeing each other?), but let's face it: you could have Jim Belushi and Courtney Love as John and Jennifer and it still would've been #1 for two weeks at least. Marley's the real star here! The dog food manufacturers are having the best winter of their lives with the movie tie-in ads, and I hear Nike's coming out with a Marley sneaker, designed specifically to be tasty for dogs that like to tear shoes apart. But really, you still gotta have a good script, for the cinema is all about stories. And we've got two crackerjack WGA members on the case! Scott Frank for the dry wit, and Don Roos for the Conde Nast angle. The whole thing kinda makes you sick, don't it? And yet Cesar Millan can only get a Beethoven's direct-to-video sequel! What is THAT all about!?
I swear I saw him in it! At #2, Adam Sandler's latest, Bedtime Stories. Why, he hasn't had a year this prolific since 2002, and frankly he couldn't be happier about that. Eight Crazy Nights and Punch-Drunk Love is a double feature few will spring for. What I'm still trying to figure out is why the hell wasn't Allen Covert in the Zohan movie? Was he so busy? Still, I'm pleasantly surprised to see how "Skeeter" pushes the PG rating. I'm guessing copious amounts of giant bug-eyed hamster urine, straight from the source. Like Carson woulda done with Joan Embery.
Meanwhile at #3 it's that Benjamin Button movie. Oh sure, it didn't hit #1 like Jen was praying it wouldn't, but it is at #70 in the IMDb Top 250. Poor Jen.

Emergency! Gotta go...

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